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    Chapter 21:

      Section: 43:21-6.5: Representation provided by authorized agent.

6. a. An authorized agent shall provide competent representation to each party that is a client of the agent. The authorized agent shall explain the proceedings and prepare the case with the client and any witnesses before any division hearing is called, shall be acquainted with the facts and legal issues involved, and shall arrange for producing witnesses and documentary evidence at the hearing.

b. An authorized agent shall make a reasonable effort to have testimony given by first-hand witnesses in the case.

c. An authorized agent seeking to inspect or review a case file may do so prior to the date of the hearing. If it is necessary for the authorized agent to review the file on the day of the hearing, the authorized agent shall make arrangements with the division in advance of the scheduled hearing time.

d. An authorized agent shall not delay the hearing or disturb the progress of other cases or the functioning of the division in an effort to view a case file or consult with its client or witnesses.

L.2010, c.82, s.6.

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