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    Chapter 21:

      Section: 43:21-24.2: Contracts for payments under federal Temporary Unemployment Compensation Act of 1958

           The Commissioner of Labor and Industry is hereby authorized to enter into an agreement with the Secretary of Labor of the United States on behalf of the United States, pursuant to the Act of Congress of June 4, 1958, being the "Temporary Unemployment Compensation Act of 1958," under and by which the Division of Employment Security in the Department of Labor and Industry will make, as agent of the United States, payments of temporary unemployment compensation to individuals who have, after October 1, 1957, exhausted all rights under any unemployment compensation law of this State and who have no rights to unemployment compensation, with respect to any week of unemployment which begins after the date on which such agreement is entered into, on the basis provided in said Act of Congress, and otherwise to co-operate with the Secretary of Labor of the United States and with other State agencies in making payments of temporary unemployment compensation under said Act of Congress aforesaid; provided, however, that no provision for repayment or restoration to the Treasury of the United States of any amounts required to be so repaid or restored pursuant to said Act of Congress or any agreement entered into pursuant thereto and pursuant to this act, shall be, constitute or create any debt, obligation or liability of the State of New Jersey, or constitute the lending of its credit, to insure or otherwise secure any such repayment or restoration.

L.1958, c. 72, p. 508, s. 1.

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