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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 44, POOR

    Chapter 4:

      Section: 44:4-102: Compelling support by relatives

           44:4-102. If any of the relatives mentioned in section 44:4-101 of this Title shall fail to perform the order or directions of the county director of welfare with regard to the support of the poor person, or if the poor person is supported at public expense, the Superior Court, upon the complaint of the director of welfare or two residents of the county may summon the persons chargeable as in other actions and summon witnesses, and may order and adjudge the able relatives to pay such sum as the circumstances may require in the discretion of the court for each poor person, as will maintain and relieve him or them, and as will relieve the public of the burden of such care and maintenance. However, where it shall appear that the person or persons sought to be held were the child or children of the poor person and were abandoned and deserted by the poor person who failed to support and maintain them during minority, the Superior Court may revoke the order of the director of welfare or reduce the amount of said order against such child or children, in proportion to the actual support and maintenance rendered by said poor person to the child or children sought to be held. Any child now under an order to support a poor person may apply to the Superior Court which issued said order for the revocation or reduction of said order in accordance with the terms of this proviso. Violations of any such order of the Superior Court shall constitute a contempt of court.

The county through its governing body may also bring an appropriate action to recover any sum of money due for the relief, support and maintenance of any poor person against any person chargeable by law therefor.

Amended 1940,c.56; 1953,c.42,s.23; 1991,c.91,s.439.

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