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Title: 44 - POOR

Chapter: 4 -

44:4-1: Definitions

44:4-2: Chapter inoperative until adopted upon referendum

44:4-3: Construction in general

44:4-4: Establishment of welfare-house or provision for poor by contract

44:4-5: Action on resolution to establish welfare-house or to contract

44:4-6: Acquisition of real estate for welfare-house

44:4-7: Erection, alteration or repair of buildings

44:4-8: Necessary money charge upon municipalities of county

44:4-9: Raising of money for buildings and maintenance

44:4-10: Bonds for buildings, repairs or fittings

44:4-11: Maintenance expense charge upon county

44:4-12: Acceptance of gifts, devises and bequests

44:4-13: Inspection of welfare-house

44:4-14: Abolition of almshouses

44:4-15: Sale of property formerly used for municipal almshouses

44:4-16: Contract with another county for maintenance of permanent poor

44:4-17: Contract authorized by resolution

44:4-18: Terms of contract

44:4-19: Expense under contract; payment by proper county

44:4-20: Membership

44:4-21: Terms of members; vacancies

44:4-22: Compensation and expenses of members

44:4-23: Organization of board

44:4-24: Supervision of relief and settlement of poor; complaints for prevention of cruelty

44:4-25: Supervision of old age relief

44:4-26: Board as manager of welfare-house

44:4-27: Equipment and maintenance of welfare-house

44:4-28: Meetings of board

44:4-29: Approval of appropriations

44:4-30: Certification of bills to board of freeholders

44:4-31: Working expense fund

44:4-32: Appointment of director; qualifications

44:4-33: Director of welfare, classification for civil service; working test period

44:4-34: Appointment and tenure of other officers and employees

44:4-35: Salaries

44:4-36: Regulations governing officers and employees

44:4-37: Functions and duties of director

44:4-38: Functions and duties formerly performed by overseers of poor

44:4-39: Persons receivable in welfare-house

44:4-40: Determination by director of relief to be granted

44:4-41: Deputy director of welfare

44:4-42: Assistant directors for municipalities

44:4-43: Resident helpers and municipal advisory committees

44:4-44: Use of all agencies for relief

44:4-45: Records of proceedings and of relief furnished

44:4-46: Books showing receipts; record of orders for relief

44:4-47: Periodical reports to chosen freeholders

44:4-48: Annual report as to welfare-house

44:4-49: Director's record of receipts and expenditures

44:4-50: Director's record of applicants for relief

44:4-51: Filing of record on admission to institution

44:4-52: Annual report of director to chosen freeholders

44:4-53: Material, stationery and forms of records

44:4-54: Inspection of records and reports

44:4-55: Book kept in every institution; required entries

44:4-56: Penalty for failure to keep book

44:4-57: Place of settlement in general

44:4-58: Married woman and children

44:4-59: Legitimate minor children

44:4-60: Illegitimate minor children

44:4-61: Minors from outside of state

44:4-62: Persons from outside of United States

44:4-63: Permanent relief in place of settlement

44:4-64: Permanent relief in county other than that of settlement

44:4-65: Temporary provision for persons having no settlement in county

44:4-66: Procedure where relief sought by person having no settlement anywhere

44:4-67: Temporary relief in county other than that of settlement

44:4-68: Temporary relief by person having settlement outside of state

44:4-69: County chargeable with relief of all persons having settlement

44:4-70: Settlement; determination; effect of temporary removal

44:4-71: Temporary relief for person having legal settlement elsewhere

44:4-72: Removal of poor person to place of legal settlement; procedure

44:4-73: Duties of director of welfare and county adjuster

44:4-74: Written notice of removal

44:4-75: Removal in absence of contest

44:4-76: Contest; how made

44:4-77: Failure to resist removal; review when failure explained

44:4-78: Liability of county or municipality failing to receive or remove poor person

44:4-79: Bringing poor person into county unlawfully; misdemeanor

44:4-80: Suspension of sentence or fine upon certain conditions

44:4-81: Furnishing transportation to nonresident poor

44:4-82: Inquiry into case by director

44:4-83: Rendition of aid

44:4-84: Temporary relief in suitable home

44:4-85: Relief order and commitment; contents

44:4-86: Investigation and supervision by welfare board

44:4-87: Obtaining employment for poor persons and families

44:4-88: Length of stay of poor person in welfare-house

44:4-89: Classification and care of inmates of welfare-houses

44:4-90: Separation of sexes; exception

44:4-91: Expenses recoverable from poor person or estate; insurance

44:4-91.1: Pledge of property as guaranty for reimbursement; agreement to reimburse

44:4-91.2: Filing certificate of costs of care furnished; legal claim, enforcement

44:4-91.3: Record of welfare house and outdoor liens

44:4-92: When relief may be provided in home

44:4-93: Permanent relief; amount to be adequate; payable monthly

44:4-94: Semiannual report relative to continuance of relief

44:4-95: Notice to board of children's guardians of commitment of minors to welfare-house

44:4-96: Supervision of minors committed to welfare-house

44:4-97: Temporary commitment of poor minor by director to institution or home

44:4-98: Notice of placement to boards of freeholders and children's guardians

44:4-99: Transfer of children from welfare-house to charitable society; maintenance

44:4-100: Ascertaining and obtaining or compelling assistance of relatives

44:4-101: Relatives chargeable

44:4-102: Compelling support by relatives

44:4-103: Contracts between welfare board and relatives or others

44:4-104: Compelling support by husband or wife

44:4-105: Sequestration of estate

44:4-107: Recovery of expenses of support

44:4-108: Willful deserter as disorderly person; punishment

44:4-109: Complaint by director of welfare

44:4-112: Visitation of sick poor by official physicians and nurses

44:4-113: Contract for visiting nursing care

44:4-114: Further medical or other relief

44:4-115: Hospitalization and other relief where treatment is urgent

44:4-116: Bond for maintenance from master or commander

44:4-117: Liability of master or commander for landing persons wrongfully

44:4-118: Burial of poor

44:4-119: Acquisition of cemetery by county; issuance of bonds

44:4-120: Appropriations for year following adoption of chapter

44:4-121: Estimates for ensuing calendar or fiscal years

44:4-122: Appropriation by freeholders for relief of permanent or indoor poor

44:4-123: Additional county appropriation when original appropriation inadequate

44:4-124: Raising or borrowing of additional sums

44:4-125: Appropriations by municipalities for temporary or outdoor poor

44:4-126: Additional municipal appropriations

44:4-127: Emergency county appropriation when municipality fails to appropriate additional sum

44:4-128: Unexpended balances of municipal appropriations

44:4-129: Proposal by resolution to adopt chapter

44:4-130: Time for final action on resolution

44:4-131: Notice of time and place of final action; adjournment

44:4-132: Submission of question to voters of county; notice

44:4-133: Ballot; form and content

44:4-134: Voting

44:4-135: Canvass and return of votes; when chapter becomes operative