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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 44, POOR

    Chapter 4:

      Section: 44:4-75: Removal in absence of contest

           On the day named in the notice, the order for removal shall be made by the removing director of welfare, and the poor person shall forthwith be removed to the place indicated in the notice upon the making of an order that he has no settlement in the county in which he is a resident or is found, and has a settlement or became poor in the other county or municipality therein prior to his becoming a resident and inhabitant or being found in the county from whence he is to be removed, unless within ten days after the mailing of the written notice the director of welfare of the county welfare board or overseer or county adjuster as the case may be to whom it has been mailed shall proceed to contest the allegation of the settlement of the poor person or of the right to remove him to such county or municipality.

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