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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 44, POOR

    Chapter 4:

      Section: 44:4-107: Recovery of expenses of support

           The county welfare board through the county director of welfare, may bring a civil action from time to time in that court for such amount as may be necessary to pay any expense incurred or unpaid, and upon recovery of judgment and the sale of any property, real or personal, of the defendant, the proceeds realized therefrom as in other civil actions shall be paid to the county welfare board and applied by it for the support and maintenance of the deserted persons, or to reimburse the county or welfare board to the extent of the expenditures made by it for such support and maintenance.

The sum realized on execution sale and not immediately used shall be kept by the county welfare board in a separate account in a national or State bank in the place where the deserted wife or children or any of them, are placed or maintained. All surplus proceeds not expended for that purpose shall be the property of and payable to the defendant.

Amended by L.1953, c. 42, p. 784, s. 27, eff. March 19, 1953.

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