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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 44, POOR

    Chapter 4:

      Section: 44:4-115: Hospitalization and other relief where treatment is urgent

           In all cases wherein medical or surgical treatment is urgent, a poor person may be removed and admitted to any public or private hospital in the municipality in which he is found, and the director or those having charge of the hospital shall within a reasonable time ascertain from the sick person his name and place of residence, and if it shall appear that he is a poor person within the meaning of this chapter, a notice in writing shall immediately be sent to the county welfare board of the county wherein the municipality is situated in which the poor person resided prior to such removal and admittance.

Upon receipt of the notice the director of welfare under the direction of the county welfare board, after confirming the status of the poor person, shall proceed and provide in a like manner for the relief of the sick indigent person as is provided for by, and is within the meaning of, this chapter, but the hospital expense shall be borne by the municipality in which the poor person was a resident prior to such removal and admittance.

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