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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 44, POOR

    Chapter 4:

      Section: 44:4-72: Removal of poor person to place of legal settlement; procedure

           44:4-72. When the removal of a poor person from the place of his domicile or where he is found to the place of his settlement in the same county is lawful and necessary, it shall be made by means of a written notice signed by the director of welfare of the county to the governing body having jurisdiction in the place to which such person is to be removed, that on a day certain, not less than ten nor more than twelve days after the date and mailing of the notice, an order will be made by the director of welfare that the poor person be removed to the place of his settlement, stating the reasons therefor, the place of his settlement or the place where he became poor prior to his becoming an inhabitant of the municipality from whence he is to be removed.

On the day named in the notice, the order for removal shall be made by the director of welfare of the county, and thereafter the poor person shall forthwith be removed by the director of welfare to the place indicated in the notice upon the making of an order that the poor person has no settlement in the municipality in which he is a resident or is found, and has a settlement or became poor in the other municipality in the same county prior to his becoming a resident and inhabitant or being found in the municipality from whence he is to be removed, unless within ten days after the mailing of the written notice the governing body to whom it shall have been mailed shall proceed to contest the allegation of the settlement of the poor person or of the right to remove him to the municipality in which it has jurisdiction.

The contest shall be made by notice to the director of welfare giving the original notice, fixing a time and place when the governing body shall apply to the Superior Court, when and where the court shall hear and determine the controversy, which time and place shall not be less than ten or more than thirty days from the time of giving the original notice thereof.

On failure to resist the removal by the receiving municipality the receiving municipality may not contest receiving the poor person, and he shall be removed by the county welfare director at the cost and expense of the municipality from which he is removed, out of the appropriation made by the municipality for the relief of the temporary or outdoor poor of the municipality, but for good cause shown for the failure to contest the removal the receiving municipality may, within thirty days after the receipt of the poor person in its municipality, apply to the Superior Court to review the proceeding and to make such revised order and disposition for the care and relief of the poor person and his removal, if lawful, as may be proper and necessary.

Amended 1991,c.91,s.435.

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