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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 44, POOR

    Chapter 4:

      Section: 44:4-104: Compelling support by husband or wife

           44:4-104. When a husband or father shall desert his wife, child or children or a woman shall desert her child or children and leave them, or any of them, as public charges, the director of welfare of the county may apply to the Superior Court, Chancery Division, Family Part, which court may order and adjudge suitable support and maintenance to be paid and provided by the husband or wife, or either of them, to be made out of his property, and for such time as the nature of the case and circumstances of the parties render suitable and proper in the opinion of the court, and may compel the defendant to give reasonable security for such maintenance and support, and from time to time make such further orders and judgments touching such maintenance and support as shall be just, and enforce such orders and judgments.

Amended 1953,c.42,s.24; 1991,c.91,s.440.

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