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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 44, POOR

    Chapter 4:

      Section: 44:4-43: Resident helpers and municipal advisory committees

           County welfare boards may appoint resident helpers, and municipal advisory committees without pay and without fees, to aid in the relief of poor persons under their direction and jurisdiction, in any municipality or locality, in order that such helpers and advisory committees may observe and ascertain, assist and co-operate with any county welfare board in ascertaining the cause or causes of dependency, and in obtaining employment for poor persons when needed, and assist, advise, and co-operate with any director of welfare or deputy, under the direction and supervision of the county welfare board in instituting and prosecuting to a determination such proceedings as may be necessary through other agencies of the state, or its political subdivisions, for the relief of the poor, the admission of them, or their lawful dependents, to such institution or agency as may be provided for mental or physical disability or otherwise.

The county welfare board shall appoint a municipal advisory committee in any municipality upon the request of the governing body of the municipality, the members to be appointed from names of reputable citizens submitted by the governing body.

Helpers and members of municipal advisory committees shall be registered on appointment at the office of the county welfare board, and shall be furnished and supplied with such evidence of their appointment and authority as the county welfare board shall determine.

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