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    Chapter 2: Custody of children of parents divorced in another state or country; action in Superior Court; notice to persons interested; judgment; exclusion from

      Section: 9:2-10: Order for proper care of child

           9:2-10. In an action brought pursuant to R.S.9:2-9, the Superior Court, after an investigation shall have been made by the chief probation officer of the county in which the child may reside, concerning the reputation, character and ability of the plaintiff, or such other person as the court may direct, to properly care for such child, shall make an order or judgment committing the child to the care and custody of such person, who will accept the same, as the court shall for that purpose designate and appoint, until such child shall attain the age of eighteen years, or the further direction of the court; provided, however, that in proper cases such care and custody may be exercised by supervision of the child in his own home, unless the court shall otherwise order. Such order or judgment may require the giving of a bond by the person to whose care or custody the said child may be committed, with such security and on such conditions as the court shall deem proper.

Amended 1948,c.321,s.8; 1949,c.245,s.2; 1953,c.9,s.7; 1991,c.91,s.191.

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