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Chapter: 1 Equal rights of parents to services and earnings of minor child; action for injuries to child
Chapter: 2 Custody of children of parents divorced in another state or country; action in Superior Court; notice to persons interested; judgment; exclusion from
Chapter: 3 Liberal construction; rights of affected persons.
Chapter: 3A
Chapter: 6 Abuse, abandonment, cruelty and neglect of child; what constitutes
Chapter: 6A Additional moneys.
Chapter: 6B
Chapter: 7 Consent of Commissioner of Institutions and Agencies
Chapter: 10 Establishment and management
Chapter: 11 Appointment of trustees; number; term; other offices; vacancies
Chapter: 12 Commitment authorized; powers of board
Chapter: 12A Establishment of children's shelter; management; funds
Chapter: 13 Expenditures for crippled children and children with cerebral palsy
Chapter: 14A Report of deaf children under six years; care and treatment; notice to commissioner of education
Chapter: 14B County assistance
Chapter: 17 Warrants directed to whom
Chapter: 17A Consent by minor to medical, surgical care
Chapter: 17B Legislative findings
Chapter: 21 Report on municipal conditions
Chapter: 22 Municipal youth guidance council
Chapter: 23 Interstate Compact on juveniles
Chapter: 23B Interstate Compact for Juveniles.
Chapter: 24
Chapter: 25