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Chapter: 23 - Interstate Compact on juveniles

9:23-1: Interstate Compact on juveniles

9:23-1.1: Authorization to execute amendment

9:23-1.2: Return of nonresident juveniles charged with crime

9:23-2: Appointment of compact administrator

9:23-3: Supplementary agreements with other states

9:23-4: Payment of financial obligations

9:23-5: Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children

9:23-6: Designation of appropriate public authorities.

9:23-7: Violation of compact, crime of the fourth degree

9:23-8: State officers, agencies, entering into agreements with party states; permitted

9:23-9: Governor designated executive head

9:23-10: Provisions not applicable

9:23-11: Financial responsibility for child placed in State

9:23-12: Court to notify Compact Administrator of child brought into State

9:23-13: Placement of children in foster homes, facilities in adjoining states; permitted

9:23-14: Agreements between party states for visitation, inspection, supervision

9:23-15: Temporary removal of child from a detrimental placement; permitted

9:23-16: Adoption of regulations.

9:23-17: Jurisdiction of courts not conferred by this act

9:23-18: Authorization to enter into interstate compacts to enhance protection, permanency for children.