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Chapter: 3 - Liberal construction; rights of affected persons.

9:3-37: Liberal construction; rights of affected persons.

9:3-38: Definitions.

9:3-39.1: Offering, assisting in the placement of child for adoption, conditions.

9:3-39.2: Provision of certain information.

9:3-39.3: Request for certain information.

9:3-40: Qualification of agencies for approval.

9:3-40.1: Denial, suspension, revocation, refusal to renew agency's certificate on character requisites.

9:3-40.2: Definitions relative to adoption agencies.

9:3-40.3: Criminal history record background check for staff members of adoption agency.

9:3-40.4: Request for criminal history record background check by agency.

9:3-40.5: Disqualification of staff member for employment.

9:3-40.6: Convincing evidence of rehabilitation.

9:3-40.7: Immunity from liability relative to disclosure of information by agency.

9:3-40.8: Child abuse record information check by agency.

9:3-40.9: Agency established after effective date, request for child abuse record information check for all staff members.

9:3-40.10: Adoption agencies located out-of-State.

9:3-40.11: Regulations unaffected.

9:3-41: Surrender of child

9:3-41.1: Provision of available information on child's development to prospective parent.

9:3-42: Jurisdiction in Chancery, venue

9:3-43: Instituting adoption actions; qualifications

9:3-43.1: Conditions for recognizing foreign adoptions, certain circumstances.

9:3-43.2: Force of final judgment of adoption in a foreign jurisdiction, certain circumstances.

9:3-44: Filing of complaint.

9:3-45: Notice of complaint to parents.

9:3-45.1: Rules, regulations.

9:3-45.2: Resource family relative, parent, notice, right to be heard.

9:3-46: Objection to adoption.

9:3-47: Action on complaint for adoption of child received from approved agency.

9:3-48: Action on complaint for adoption of child not received from approved agency.

9:3-49: Age 10 or older, hearing appearance, child's wishes

9:3-50: Entry of judgment of adoption, effect; inheritance rights

9:3-51: Judgments of adoption; records

9:3-52: Records of proceedings

9:3-53: Costs of proceedings

9:3-54.1: Rules, regulations.

9:3-54.2: Home study, fingerprint and criminal data.

9:3-55: Report of prospective parents.

9:3-56: Severability