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Chapter: 3A -

9:3A-1: Short title.

9:3A-2: Findings, declarations relative to establishing Department of Children and Families.

9:3A-3: Department of Children and Families established.

9:3A-4: Definitions relative to Department of Children and Families.

9:3A-5: Commissioner of Children and Families.

9:3A-6: Designation of final decision maker for contested cases.

9:3A-7: Responsibilities, duties of commissioner.

9:3A-7.1: Regulations for implementing provisions of act establishing the department.

9:3A-7.2: List of State-owned properties available for use as residential treatment facility for certain juveniles.

9:3A-7.3: Rules, regulations prescribed by Commissioner of Children and Families concerning out-of-State placement for children.

9:3A-7.4: Standardized admission protocols for transfer of child to psychiatric facility.

9:3A-7.5: DCF rules, regulations.

9:3A-8: Necessary investigations; powers.

9:3A-9: Functions, powers, duties of Office of Children's Services transferred to department.

9:3A-10: "Office of Children's Services" refers to Department of Children and Families.

9:3A-11: Transfer of certain DHS staff to department.

9:3A-12: Act subject to C.52:14D-1 et seq.

9:3A-13: Inapplicability of act.

9:3A-14: Criminal history record information check for certain employees.

9:3A-15: "Mom2Mom Peer Support Program" helpline.

9:3A-16: List of credentialed resources, behavioral health care providers.

9:3A-17: Annual consultation.

9:3A-18: Availability of applications for services and supports in multiple languages for persons with developmental disabilities from Department of Children a