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Chapter: 6 - Abuse, abandonment, cruelty and neglect of child; what constitutes

9:6-1: Abuse, abandonment, cruelty and neglect of child; what constitutes

9:6-1.1: Treatment of ill children according to religious tenets of church

9:6-2: "Parent" and "custodian" defined.

9:6-3: Cruelty and neglect of children; crime of fourth degree; remedies

9:6-3.1: Suspension; due process rights; remedial plan.

9:6-4: Jurisdiction of complaints

9:6-5: Complaints, who may prefer

9:6-6: Disposition of fines, penalties and forfeitures

9:6-7: Agents of societies commissioned as police officers and constables

9:6-8: Warrants to enter place of supposed violation, arrest

9:6-8.8: Health, safety of child paramount concern.

9:6-8.9: "Abused child" defined

9:6-8.10: Report of abuse.

9:6-8.10a: Records of child abuse reports; confidentiality; disclosure.

9:6-8.10b: Permitting or encouraging release of record or report; penalty

9:6-8.10c: Child abuse record information check on designated caretaker.

9:6-8.10d: Rules, regulations.

9:6-8.10e: Check of child abuse registry for guardians.

9:6-8.10f: Check of abuse registry relative to individuals seeking employment.

9:6-8.11: Actions to ensure safety of child; investigation; report.

9:6-8.12: Emergency telephone services for child abuse and neglect calls.

9:6-8.13: Immunity

9:6-8.14: Violations including failure to make report; disorderly person

9:6-8.15: Rules and regulations.

9:6-8.16: Child taken to physician or hospital for treatment of serious physical injury; protective custody

9:6-8.17: Report of action of taking protective custody of child.

9:6-8.18: Division of Child Protection and Permanency, actions upon receipt of report.

9:6-8.19: Notice to parents or guardian; visitation rights; limitation on period.

9:6-8.19a: Resource family parent, notice, opportunity to be heard.

9:6-8.20: Physicians or directors of hospitals acting under this law; immunity from liability

9:6-8.21: Definitions.

9:6-8.22: Jurisdiction of Superior Court, Chancery Division, Family Part.

9:6-8.23: Law guardian; appointment

9:6-8.24: Jurisdiction.

9:6-8.25: Transfer to and from the Superior Court

9:6-8.26: Venue

9:6-8.27: Temporary removal with consent.

9:6-8.28: Preliminary order of court before preliminary hearing held.

9:6-8.29: Removal of child without court order.

9:6-8.30: Action by the division upon emergency removal.

9:6-8.31: Preliminary orders after filing of complaint.

9:6-8.32: Hearing to determine if child to be returned.

9:6-8.33: Originating proceeding to determine abuse or neglect

9:6-8.34: Persons who may originate proceedings

9:6-8.35: Preliminary procedure.

9:6-8.36: Admissibility of statements made during a preliminary conference

9:6-8.36a: Report to prosecutor of all instances of suspected child abuse, neglect.

9:6-8.37: Issuance of summons

9:6-8.38: Service of summons

9:6-8.39: Issuance of warrant and reports

9:6-8.40: Records involving abuse or neglect.

9:6-8.40a: Expungement of unfounded allegations.

9:6-8.41: Required findings concerning notice

9:6-8.42: Effect of absence of parent or guardian

9:6-8.43: Notice of rights.

9:6-8.44: Definition of "fact-finding hearing"

9:6-8.45: Definition of "dispositional hearing"

9:6-8.46: Evidence.

9:6-8.47: Sequence of hearings

9:6-8.48: Adjournments

9:6-8.49: Priority to certain proceedings.

9:6-8.50: Sustaining or dismissing complaint

9:6-8.51: Disposition of adjudication

9:6-8.52: Suspended judgment

9:6-8.53: Release to custody of parent or guardian

9:6-8.54: Placement of child

9:6-8.55: Order of protection

9:6-8.56: Probation supervision

9:6-8.57: Abandoned child

9:6-8.58: Provision for therapeutic services

9:6-8.58a: Substance abuse assessment of parent of placed child.

9:6-8.58b: Regulations.

9:6-8.59: Staying, modifying, setting aside or vacating orders

9:6-8.60: Petition to terminate placement

9:6-8.61: Service of petition; answer

9:6-8.62: Examination of petition and answer; hearing

9:6-8.63: Orders on hearing

9:6-8.64: Successive petitions

9:6-8.65: Substitution for original placement

9:6-8.66: Failure to comply with terms and conditions of suspended judgment

9:6-8.67: Failure to comply with terms and conditions of probation

9:6-8.68: Effect of running away from place of placement

9:6-8.69: Release from responsibility under order of placement

9:6-8.70: Appealable orders

9:6-8.71: Appropriations

9:6-8.72: Rules and regulations

9:6-8.72a: Rules, regulations.

9:6-8.73: Severability

9:6-8.74: Short title

9:6-8.75: "New Jersey Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect."

9:6-8.76: Task force membership.

9:6-8.77: Vacancies; compensation

9:6-8.78: Providing staff.

9:6-8.79: Task force's use of services and consultants

9:6-8.80: Meetings; hearings

9:6-8.81: Funds, solicitation, use

9:6-8.82: Report

9:6-8.83: Short title.

9:6-8.84: Definitions relative to child abuse, neglect.

9:6-8.85: Procedures for responding to reports of medical neglect.

9:6-8.86: Pursuit of legal remedies for medical care.

9:6-8.87: Exception to requirement to provide reasonable efforts to reunify child with parent.

9:6-8.88: Child Fatality and Near Fatality Review Board.

9:6-8.89: Membership, terms of board members.

9:6-8.90: Duties of board.

9:6-8.91: Determinations of board; composition of team; report.

9:6-8.92: Confidential master file.

9:6-8.93: Subpoena, review of records.

9:6-8.94: Immunity from liability for civil damages.

9:6-8.95: Solicitation of grants, other funds.

9:6-8.96: Regulations by board.

9:6-8.97: Citizen review panels.

9:6-8.98: Rules, regulations by department.

9:6-8.98.1: Study of effects of racial, ethnic disparities on infant mortality.

9:6-8.98.2: Regulations.

9:6-8.99: Regional diagnostic and treatment centers for child abuse and neglect established.

9:6-8.100: Function of center, staffing.

9:6-8.101: Purpose of center

9:6-8.102: Services provided by staff of center.

9:6-8.103: Safety of child undergoing treatment assured

9:6-8.104: Establishment, maintenance of county-based multidisciplinary teams; "child advocacy center" defined.

9:6-8.106: Rules, regulations.

9:6-8.107: Findings, declarations relative to child advocacy centers and multidisciplinary teams.

9:6-8.108: Definitions relative to child advocacy centers and multidisciplinary teams.

9:6-8.109: Child Advocacy Center-Multidisciplinary Team Advisory Board.

9:6-8.110: Duties of board.

9:6-8.111: Certification program; goal.

9:6-8.112: "Child Advocacy Center-Multidisciplinary Team Fund."

9:6-8.113: Distribution of grants.

9:6-8.114: Rules, regulations.