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Chapter: 17 - Warrants directed to whom

9:17-4: Warrants directed to whom

9:17-5: Reputed father out of county; serving warrant upon

9:17-6: Bond to be taken; discharge thereon; proceedings when no bond is taken

9:17-38: Short title

9:17-39: Parent and child relationship defined

9:17-40: Extent of parent and child relationship

9:17-41: Establishment of parent-child relationship; termination of natural parental rights; action.

9:17-42: Closed court; confidentiality of records

9:17-43: Presumptions.

9:17-44: Artificial insemination

9:17-45: Action to determine existence of parent-child relationship.

9:17-46: Jurisdiction

9:17-47: Parties; guardian ad litem

9:17-48: Consent conference; settlement; contested cases, testing; presumptions.

9:17-49: Civil action under act; trial by court.

9:17-50: Witnesses; compelling to testify; immunity; contempt; physician's testimony; admissibility of evidence

9:17-52: Evidence relating to paternity

9:17-52.1: Default order, effect

9:17-53: Judgment, order of court, certificate of parentage, amendment of birth record; amount of support.

9:17-54: Costs and fees

9:17-55: Enforcing parties

9:17-56: Continuing jurisdiction

9:17-57: Parties

9:17-58: Support agreement

9:17-59: Amended birth record

9:17-60: Title.

9:17-61: Purpose.

9:17-62: Definitions.

9:17-63: Rights of parentage.

9:17-64: Eligibility.

9:17-65: Requirements for a gestational carrier agreement.

9:17-66: Duty to support.

9:17-67: Establishment of parent-child relationship.

9:17-68: Certain provisions of law not applicable to gestational carrier agreements.

9:17-69: Findings, declarations relative to establishing legal parentage.

9:17-70: Definitions relative to establishing legal parentage.

9:17-71: Eligibility to file for adoption.