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Chapter: 17A - Consent by minor to medical, surgical care

9:17A-1: Consent by minor to medical, surgical care

9:17A-1.1: Short title

9:17A-1.2: Findings relative to parental notification for abortion

9:17A-1.3: Definitions relative to parental notification for abortion

9:17A-1.4: Written notice of pending operation

9:17A-1.5: Notice not required if parent already notified

9:17A-1.6: Notice not required if abortion due to medical emergency

9:17A-1.7: Waiver of parental notification by court proceedings

9:17A-1.8: Fact sheet for distribution to unemancipated pregnant minors.

9:17A-1.9: Entitlement to benefits unaffected

9:17A-1.10: Violation; penalty

9:17A-1.11: Rules, regulations.

9:17A-1.12: Provisions of act severable

9:17A-2: Written obligations by minor to repay loan received for higher education; enforcement

9:17A-3: Institution of higher education defined

9:17A-4: Consent by minor to treatment.

9:17A-4.1: Admission to treatment programs not affected

9:17A-4.2: Information provided relative to certain behavioral health provisions.

9:17A-4.3: Construction.

9:17A-4.4: Rules, regulations.

9:17A-5: Informing spouse, parent, custodian or guardian of minor's treatment

9:17A-6: Consent by person age 17 to donate blood, age 16 with parental consent.