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New Jersey Statutes, Title: App.A, EMERGENCY AND TEMPORARY ACTS

    Chapter 9: Removal of member of local defense council

      Section: App.A:9-33.1: Definitions

           The following words and phrases as used in this act shall have the following meanings:

(1) "Disaster" shall mean any unusual incident resulting from natural or unnatural causes which endangers the health, safety or resources of the residents of one or more municipalities of the State, and which is or may become too large in scope or unusual in type to be handled in its entirety by regular municipal operating services.

(2) "Local disaster emergency" shall mean and include any disaster, or the imminence thereof, resulting from natural or unnatural causes other than enemy attack and limited to the extent that action by the Governor under this act is not required.

(3) "War emergency" shall mean and include any disaster occurring anywhere within the State as the result of enemy attack or the imminent danger thereof.

(4) "Emergency" shall mean and include "disaster" and "war emergency" as above in this section defined.

L.1953, First Sp.Sess., c. 438, p. 2405, s. 3.

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