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Chapter: 9 - Removal of member of local defense council

app.a:9-19.1: Removal of member of local defense council

app.a:9-30: Assistance to government of United States; organization and employment of resources

app.a:9-31: Duty of public officials to furnish information and assistance

app.a:9-32: Effective date

app.a:9-33: Purpose of civilian defense act and disaster control act

app.a:9-33.1: Definitions

app.a:9-34: Emergency powers of Governor

app.a:9-35: Co-operation with state and federal authorities; federal emergency or defense assistance; agreements

app.a:9-36: Information may be required

app.a:9-37: Civilian defense director; subordinate offices

app.a:9-37.1: Duties of civilian defense director

app.a:9-38: Deputies or assistants

app.a:9-40: Co-operation by public officials; rules and regulations

app.a:9-40.1: Municipal emergency management coordinator.

app.a:9-40.2: Removal of municipal emergency management coordinator

app.a:9-40.3: Deputy municipal disaster control director

app.a:9-40.4: Duties of municipal emergency management coordinator

app.a:9-40.5: Proclamation of state of local disaster emergency within municipality; powers of coordinator

app.a:9-40.6: Aid in time of disaster or emergency

app.a:9-41: Local emergency management councils

app.a:9-42.1: County emergency management coordinator; appointment; term of office

app.a:9-42.1a: Coordinator appointed prior to Jan. 21, 1986, exception; term

app.a:9-421b: Filling of deputy emergency management coordinator position.

app.a:9-42.2: Duties of county emergency management coordinator

app.a:9-43: Other local agencies or instrumentalities

app.a:9-43.1: State Emergency Operations Plan.

app.a:9-43.2: County, municipal written emergency operations plans; coordination.

app.a:9-43.3: Guidelines for Emergency Operations Plans.

app.a:9-43.4: Approval by State Office of Emergency Management.

app.a:9-43.5: Grants to municipalities, counties for development of Emergency Operations Plans

app.a:9-43.6: Technical assistance, planning grants to municipalities

app.a:9-43.7: Emergency plans, electronic submission by certain entities permitted.

app.a:9-43.8: Definitions relative to coastal evacuation.

app.a:9-43.9: Annual public awareness program.

app.a:9-43.10: Appointment of commission.

app.a:9-43.11: Duties of director.

app.a:9-43.12: Identification of critical infrastructures.

app.a:9-43.13: Central registry for residents with special needs.

app.a:9-43.14: Implementation of lane reversal strategy.

app.a:9-43.15: Definitions relative to emergency evacuation.

app.a:9-43.16: Findings, declarations relative to emergency preparedness.

app.a:9-43.18: Definitions relative to Code Blue alert plans.

app.a:9-43.19: Plan for issuance of Code Blue alert.

app.a:9-43.20: Declaration of Code Blue alert.

app.a:9-43.21: Review of weather forecasts.

app.a:9-44: Private civilian defense agencies to be approved

app.a:9-45: Orders, rules, and regulations; black-outs, air raids, etc.; posting

app.a:9-45.1: Officers to perform duties in accordance with rules and regulations

app.a:9-46: Reciprocal orders, rules, and regulations

app.a:9-47: Suspension of motor vehicle or other regulations

app.a:9-48: Emergency commander

app.a:9-49: Violations as disorderly conduct; penalty; prosecution

app.a:9-49.1: Towing, transportation of boats prohibited during emergency evacuations.

app.a:9-50: Aiding or abetting violation

app.a:9-51: Extraordinary emergencies; powers; compensation boards; proceedings for compensation

app.a:9-51.1: Definitions

app.a:9-51.2: Prohibition by ordinance of construction or repair of buildings during emergency

app.a:9-51.3: Contents of ordinance; exceptions

app.a:9-51.4: Duration of ordinance

app.a:9-51.5: Construction or repair of protective barriers in municipalities bordering Atlantic ocean or Delaware bay

app.a:9-51.6: Agreements with state or federal government; provisions

app.a:9-51.7: Compensation for taking of property

app.a:9-51.8: Satisfaction of financial obligations; guarantee of bonds by county

app.a:9-51.9: Payment of claims out of Special Beach Erosion Fund

app.a:9-52: Liability for injury to persons or property

app.a:9-53: Appropriations

app.a:9-54: Term of person appointed by or with approval of Governor

app.a:9-55: Partial invalidity

app.a:9-56: Repeal; local agencies approved by New Jersey Defense Council and rules of such Council continued

app.a:9-57: Effective date

app.a:9-57.1: Definitions

app.a:9-57.2: Benefits to civil defense volunteers

app.a:9-57.3: Schedule of benefits

app.a:9-57.4: Benefits unpaid at time of death

app.a:9-57.5: Minors deemed sui juris; labor law

app.a:9-57.6: Benefits not assignable; exemption

app.a:9-57.7: Persons entitled to benefits

app.a:9-57.8: Workmen's compensation benefits preclude benefits hereunder

app.a:9-57.9: Notice of claim

app.a:9-57.10: Submission of notice of claim; contents

app.a:9-57.11: Physical examination of claimants

app.a:9-57.12: Refusal of claimant to accept proffered medical and surgical treatment

app.a:9-57.13: Proof of claim; forms

app.a:9-57.14: Process of claims; investigation of claims; rules and regulations; employees; payment of benefits

app.a:9-57.15: Special fund for civil defense volunteers

app.a:9-57.16: Insurance or reinsurance

app.a:9-57.17: Special fund the sole source for payment of benefits

app.a:9-57.18: Reserves

app.a:9-57.19: Expense of administering act

app.a:9-57.20: Reduction of benefits where United States furnishes benefits

app.a:9-57.21: Medical, surgical or hospital treatment furnished by United States precludes similar treatment under act

app.a:9-57.22: No benefits payable where United States will furnish equivalent benefits in absence of benefits under act

app.a:9-57.23: False statements or representations

app.a:9-57.24: Partial invalidity

app.a:9-57.25: Civil defense forces of other states; powers, duties and privileges

app.a:9-57.26: Emergency management volunteers and their dependents; disability, death, medical and hospital benefits

app.a:9-57.27: Repeal

app.a:9-58: "Director of Civil Defense" defined

app.a:9-59: Mutual aid agreements with other states

app.a:9-60: Mutual aid agreements between political subdivisions

app.a:9-61: Powers and duties of members of civil defense forces

app.a:9-62: Acceptance of services, equipment, supplies, or funds from Federal government

app.a:9-63: Acceptance of services, equipment, supplies, or funds from individuals, firms or corporations

app.a:9-64: Short title.

app.a:9-65: Findings, declarations relative to domestic security preparedness.

app.a:9-66: Definitions relative to domestic security preparedness.

app.a:9-67: Domestic Security Preparedness Task Force.

app.a:9-68: Duties of task force.

app.a:9-69: Adoption of standards, guidelines, protocols.

app.a:9-70: Infrastructure Advisory Committee.

app.a:9-71: Domestic Security Preparedness Planning Group.

app.a:9-72: Duties of planning group.

app.a:9-73: Noncompliance, action for relief.

app.a:9-74: Records not deemed public; OPMA not applicable.

app.a:9-75: Program of laboratory services for detection, analysis of chemical, biological agents.

app.a:9-76: Annual report by task force to Legislature.

app.a:9-77: Effective date, continuance of task force.

app.a:9-78: Definitions relative to fees charged in renting motor vehicles; $2 to fund Domestic Security Account.

app.a:9-79: Definitions relative to criminal history record background checks for certain contractors.

app.a:9-80: Criminal history record background checks for employees of contractors in critical position at designated facility.

app.a:9-81: Determination of titles, positions designated as critical positions.

app.a:9-82: Applicants to submit to fingerprinting, background checks.

app.a:9-83: Notification of qualification, disqualification of applicant; appeal; maintenance of information.

app.a:9-84: Development of system to certify applicants, issuance of credentials; fees.

app.a:9-85: Rules, regulations.

app.a:9-86: Development, dissemination of building security drill guide, training materials.