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New Jersey Statutes, Title: App.A, EMERGENCY AND TEMPORARY ACTS

    Chapter 9: Removal of member of local defense council

      Section: App.A:9-51: Extraordinary emergencies; powers; compensation boards; proceedings for compensation

           a. Whenever, in his opinion, the control of any disaster is beyond the capabilities of local authorities, the Governor is authorized:

(1) To assume control of all emergency management operations.

(2) To proclaim an emergency if he deems the same necessary.

(3) Temporarily to employ, take or use the personal services, or real or personal property, of any citizen or resident of this State, or of any firm, partnership or unincorporated association doing business or domiciled in this State, or of any corporation incorporated in or doing business in this State, or the real property of a nonresident located in this State, for the purpose of securing the defense of the State or of protecting or promoting the public health, safety or welfare; provided, that such personal services or property shall not be employed or used beyond the borders of this State unless otherwise authorized by law.

b. Compensation for any personal services required of any natural person under the provisions of subsection a. of this section shall be paid at the prevailing established rate for services of a like or similar nature.

c. There is hereby established an emergency compensation board in and for each county of the State, to be composed of three persons appointed by the Governor who shall serve at the will and pleasure of the Governor and without compensation. Wherever the volume of work makes it necessary, the Governor may appoint one or more additional emergency compensation boards in any county of this State. The emergency compensation board shall award reasonable compensation to the party entitled thereto for any property employed, taken or used under the provisions of this subsection and for any injury caused by such employment, taking or using. Any party who deems himself entitled to such compensation as is provided for in this section may file a petition for an award with the board, naming the State as defendant. Such petition shall be filed with an emergency compensation board in the county in which the property was located at the time it was employed, taken or used. A copy of said petition shall be served on the Attorney General. The board shall thereupon after reasonable and proper notice to the petitioner and the Attorney General, grant a hearing upon such petition and render a decision fixing the amount of the award. This award shall be paid within one year after the decision is rendered from any funds appropriated by the State for such purpose.

d. Any party who deems himself aggrieved by the decision of an emergency compensation board of any county shall have the right to bring an action for such compensation against the State as defendant in the Superior Court, according to the practice and procedure covering condemnation proceedings in such court. Either the State or the petitioner shall have a right to trial by jury in such court.

e. When, in the opinion of the Governor, the period of emergency under which action has been taken by him as provided under subsection a. of this section has passed, he shall issue a proclamation declaring its end and suspending the powers granted to him under subsection a. of this section and no petition for an award as provided for in subsection c. shall be filed after one year from the date of the Governor's proclamation declaring the end of the emergency; provided, that any member of the Armed Forces of the United States whose property was employed, taken or used as provided in said subsection a. of this section may file such petition within two years after the Governor's proclamation.

L.1942, c.241, s.19; amended 1953,c.438,s.24; 1989,c.222,s.15.

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