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New Jersey Statutes, Title: App.A, EMERGENCY AND TEMPORARY ACTS

    Chapter 9: Removal of member of local defense council

      Section: App.A:9-45: Orders, rules, and regulations; black-outs, air raids, etc.; posting

           In order to accomplish the purposes of this act, the Governor is empowered to make such orders, rules and regulations as may be necessary adequately to meet the various problems presented by any emergency and from time to time to amend or rescind such orders, rules and regulations, including among others the following subjects:

a. On matters pertaining to the method of conducting black-outs, partial black-outs, and modifying and controlling illumination, and pertaining to the conduct of the civilian population of this State during such black-outs, partial black-outs, and periods during which illumination is modified.

b. On matters pertaining to air raid warnings and air raids and the conduct of the civilian population during the alert period of an air raid or of a threatened or impending air raid and during and following any air raid.

c. Concerning the organization, recruiting, training, conduct, duties and powers of volunteer agencies, including air raid wardens, auxiliary police and firemen, demolition and clearance crews, fire watchers, road repair crews, rescue squads, medical corps, nurses' aides corps, decontamination squads, drivers' corps, messengers' corps, emergency food and housing corps, utility repair squads, and all other civilian protection forces exercising or performing any functions or duties in connection with the problems of local civilian defense or emergency management.

d. The designation of vehicles and persons permitted to move during air raids or any emergency.

e. The conduct of the civilian population during the threat of and imminence of danger or any emergency.

f. The method of meeting threatened air raid danger insofar as it affects the children in our schools.

g. Concerning the meeting or counteracting of threatened and actual sabotage, subversive activities, and other dangers incident to any emergency.

h. Concerning the method of evacuating residents of threatened districts and the course of conduct of the civilian population during any necessary evacuation.

i. On any matter that may be necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of the people or that will aid in the prevention of loss to and destruction of property.

j. Such other matters whatsoever as are or may become necessary in the fair, impartial, stringent and comprehensive administration of this act.

All such orders, rules and regulations when established shall be forthwith promulgated by proclamation of the Governor, which promulgation shall be deemed to be sufficient notice to the public. All such orders, rules and regulations when promulgated shall be binding upon all political subdivisions, public agencies, public officials and public employees of this State. All such orders, rules and regulations having to do with the conduct of persons which shall be adopted by the Governor and promulgated as provided herein shall be binding upon each and every person within this State. Upon the adoption and promulgation of orders, rules and regulations as provided above, the civilian defense director shall send a copy to the municipal emergency management coordinator and to the clerk of each municipality of this State in which such order, rule or regulation will take effect. The said municipal clerk shall forthwith post any such order, rule or regulation in a public place in the municipal building.

L.1942, c.251, s.13; amended 1953,c.438,s.16; 1989,c.222,s.12.

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