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New Jersey Statutes, Title: App.A, EMERGENCY AND TEMPORARY ACTS

    Chapter 9: Removal of member of local defense council

      Section: App.A:9-63: Acceptance of services, equipment, supplies, or funds from individuals, firms or corporations

           Whenever any person, firm, or corporation shall offer to the State or to any political subdivision thereof, services, equipment, supplies, materials, or funds by way of gift, grant, or loan, for purpose of civil defense, the State, acting through the Governor, or such political subdivision, acting through its executive officer or governing body, may accept such offer and upon such acceptance the Governor of the State or executive officer or governing body of such political subdivision may authorize any officer of the State or of the political subdivision, as the case may be, to receive such services, equipment, supplies, materials, or funds on behalf of the State or such political subdivision, and subject to the terms of the offer.

L.1951, c. 72, p. 462, s. 6.

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