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Chapter: 3 - Certain vehicles excepted from chapter

39:3-1: Certain vehicles excepted from chapter

39:3-2: Motor vehicles used on rural mail routes not commercial cars

39:3-3: Motor vehicle agents, appointment, duties; background checks.

39:3-4: Registration of automobiles and motorcycles, application, registration certificates; expiration; issuance; violations; notification.

39:3-4a: Temporary registration of motor vehicle in another state by resident of New Jersey

39:3-4b: Temporary registration

39:3-4c: Rules, regulations relative to issuance of temporary registration certificates, plates.

39:3-4d: "Geographical district" defined

39:3-4e: Rules and regulations; information by insurers

39:3-4f: Vehicles registered in foreign country, operation by owner permitted temporarily

39:3-4.1: Licensing motor vehicles for transportation of passengers for hire

39:3-5: Denial of registration, reciprocity

39:3-5.1: Federal tax payment required

39:3-6.1: Definitions

39:3-6.2: Authority of director to make arrangements, agreements or declarations

39:3-6.3: Registration in another jurisdiction of vehicles located or operated from base in such jurisdiction

39:3-6.5: Exemptions, benefits and privileges; examination of laws and requirements of other jurisdictions

39:3-6.6: Leased vehicles

39:3-6.7: Vehicles registered in jurisdiction where no agreement, arrangement or declaration is in effect; commercial vehicles

39:3-6.9: Written agreements, arrangements or declarations required; filing

39:3-6.10: Suspension or cancellation of exemptions, benefits, or privileges

39:3-6.11: Definitions relative to apportioned vehicles

39:3-6.12: Membership in International Registration Plan

39:3-6.13: Registration of apportioned vehicles

39:3-6.14: Registration, administrative fees.

39:3-6.15: Preservation of operational records

39:3-6.16: Temporary registration

39:3-6.17: Violation, fines

39:3-6.18: Motor carrier audits of operational records

39:3-6.19: Supersedure; nonapplicability

39:3-6.20: "Proportional Registration Distributive Fund"

39:3-6.21: Reciprocity

39:3-7: Power of attorney given by nonresident; service of process

39:3-8: Registration fee for passenger automobile; other vehicles.

39:3-8.1: Licensing of noncommercial trucks.

39:3-8.2: Additional fees.

39:3-8.3: Definitions relative to certificate of ownership for certain motor vehicles.

39:3-8.4: Additional fee for certificate of ownership for certain motor vehicles; rules, regulations.

39:3-9a: Legal name of licensee; endorsement.

39:3-9b: Street address on driver's license; exception.

39:3-9c: Rules, regulations on use of drivers' addresses.

39:3-10: Licensing of drivers; classifications.

39:3-10a: Fee for restoration of suspended or revoked licenses, vehicle registrations.

39:3-10b: Applications for motorcycle license.

39:3-10c: Vision screening

39:3-10d: Implementation of vision reexamination

39:3-10e: Involvement in two or more accidents within 6 months with assessment of points; reexamination

39:3-10f: Initial license, renewal, digitized color picture of licensee required; exceptions.

39:3-10f1: Construction of act concerning local law enforcement costs.

39:3-10f2: Release, disclosure of licensee's picture prohibited; exceptions.

39:3-10f3: Rules, regulations.

39:3-10f4: Fee for digitized picture.

39:3-10f5: Use of revenues from fees.

39:3-10f6: Display of veteran status on driver's licenses, identification cards.

39:3-10f7: Waiver of fee for replacement driver's license for organ, tissue donor.

39:3-10h: Process to prevent forgery, alteration.

39:3-10j: Findings, declaration concerning commercial driver's licenses.

39:3-10k: Exemption for operators of certain emergency, other equipment or vehicles.

39:3-10K1: Office of Emergency Management members, certain, exemption from federal commercial driver's licensing requirements.

39:3-10l: Rules, regulations

39:3-10m: Applicants for license; opportunity to register to vote

39:3-10n: Issuance of temporary driver's license.

39:3-10o: Findings, declarations relative to issuance of standard basic driver's license, non-driver identification card.

39:3-10p: Discrimination prohibited.

39:3-10.1: Licensing of bus drivers, exemptions.

39:3-10.1a: School bus drivers; examination for presence of controlled dangerous substance

39:3-10.1b: Definitions relative to school bus endorsement; suspension

39:3-10.4: Report to director by physicians of persons subject to epileptiform seizures

39:3-10.5: Report by drivers' license applicants subject to epileptiform seizures

39:3-10.6: Procedure for evaluation and screening of persons subject to epileptiform seizures

39:3-10.7: Confidentiality of reports of persons subject to epileptiform seizures

39:3-10.8: Violations of provisions requiring reports of persons subject to epileptiform seizures

39:3-10.8a: Person with diabetes permitted to voluntarily make notation on license, identification card.

39:3-10.8b: Amendment of notation.

39:3-10.9: Short title

39:3-10.10: Purpose

39:3-10.11: Definitions relative to commercial driver licenses.

39:3-10.11a: Certain requirements for drivers of vehicles in connection with funeral services.

39:3-10.12: Tests for commercial driver license.

39:3-10.13: Alcohol, controlled substance use prohibited

39:3-10.14: Request for and provision of driving record and license information.

39:3-10.15: Notification of moving violations, disqualification or suspension.

39:3-10.16: Refusal to grant, suspension, revocation of license

39:3-10.17: Issuance, transfer of commercial driver license

39:3-10.17a: Fingerprinting, criminal history records check for applicants for certain commercial driver's licenses.

39:3-10.17b: Definitions relative to certain commercial driver licenses; issuance.

39:3-10.18: Possession of valid commercial driver license mandatory.

39:3-10.18a: Valid license required to operate autobus; violations, fines.

39:3-10.19: Operation of commercial motor vehicle in this State

39:3-10.20: Suspension of commercial motor vehicle driving privilege.

39:3-10.21: Regulation of third party testing

39:3-10.21a: Commercial Driver License Testing Pilot Program.

39:3-10.22: Waiver of skills test.

39:3-10.23: Provisions for efficient processing

39:3-10.24: Taking of breath samples

39:3-10.24a: Blood sample from operator under certain circumstances.

39:3-10.25: Methods and techniques of chemical analyses forms

39:3-10.26: Limit of one license

39:3-10.27: Rules, regulations

39:3-10.28: Power of director to make agreements, arrangements, declarations

39:3-10.29: Waiver by director

39:3-10.30: Fees; duration of commercial driver license.

39:3-10.31: Motorcycle road test, waiver.

39:3-10.32: Additional penalties.

39:3-10.33: Medical review, retesting of certain motor vehicle operators; notice, confirmation to family, certain.

39:3-10.34: Registration of autocycle as motorcycle; rules, regulations.

39:3-11: Drivers license with restrictions or conditions; violations; punishment

39:3-11a: Hearing impaired persons; special driver's license; fee

39:3-11b: Rules and regulations

39:3-11.1: License to persons 16 years of age to drive motor vehicles in agricultural pursuits.

39:3-11.2: Discretion as to granting license; consent of parent or guardian

39:3-11.3: Rules and regulations

39:3-11.5: Persons in military or naval service or discharged or released therefrom; "in time of emergency" defined

39:3-11.5a: Renewal of certain documents by deployed military personnel, families.

39:3-12: Illegal securing of driver's license; punishment

39:3-12.1: Application for renewal of registration or license

39:3-12.2: License to include designation as organ, tissue donor, education program, access to information.

39:3-12.3: Promotion of organ, tissue donation by NJMVC, Donate Life NJ Registry established.

39:3-12.4: Issuance, renewal of driver's license, identification card, issue of organ, tissue donation addressed.

39:3-12.5: Collaboration between NJMVC, departments, and organ procurement organizations.

39:3-12.6: Development of brochure explaining dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning from motor vehicles.

39:3-13: Examination permits.

39:3-13a: Written examination administered in high school; student with cognitive difficulty; grading

39:3-13b: Provision of minor's motor vehicle record to parent, guardian.

39:3-13.1: Issuance of special learner's permit.

39:3-13.2: Scope and effect of special learner's permit

39:3-13.2a: Special learner's permit; use, hours.

39:3-13.3: Written application for special permit.

39:3-13.4: Probationary driver's license.

39:3-13.6: Evaluation of graduated license program; report to Governor, Legislature.

39:3-13.7: Rules, regulations.

39:3-13.8: Fine for violations of special learner's permit, examination permit, or probationary driver's license.

39:3-13.9: Public education campaign.

39:3-14: Official drivers licensed free; special certificate; termination and surrender

39:3-15: Operation of motor vehicle by nonresident; touring privileges; seasonal permits; violations; fines

39:3-15.1: Rules and regulations; forms

39:3-16: Authority of commissioner; suspension of touring privileges

39:3-17: Touring privileges of nonresident chauffeurs or drivers

39:3-17.1: Reciprocal driver license, registration of new residents' vehicles required; violations, fines, impoundment.

39:3-18: General registration; "D" or temporary plates, use, security, fees.

39:3-19: Annual registration fees

39:3-19.1: Penalty for violations of section 39:3-19; certain fines to Omnibus Safety Enforcement Fund.

39:3-19.2: School vehicles; fees; exemptions

39:3-19.3: Inapplicability of act to certain buses and vehicles

39:3-19.4: Vehicle used for summer day or residence camps; inspection; liability insurance coverage

39:3-19.5: Special registration plates for limousines.

39:3-19.6: Fee imposed on limousine services.

39:3-20: Commercial motor vehicle registrations; fees.

39:3-20.1: Issuance of registration certificate, plates for empty vehicles.

39:3-20.2: Misuse of "in-transit empty" registration; penalty

39:3-20.3: Weight limit for vehicles registered out-of-State; violations, penalties, fines.

39:3-20.4: "Highway Safety Fund."

39:3-21: Motorcycle registration fee.

39:3-22a: Reduction of fees on or after October 1

39:3-22.1: Refund of registration fee for members of military; application procedure

39:3-22.2: Warrant for refund

39:3-23: Rubber tires or tires of approved material required

39:3-23.1: Use of non-rubber tires.

39:3-24: Farm tractors, traction equipment; registration; operation; fee

39:3-24.1: Slow moving vehicle emblem.

39:3-24.2: Rules, regulations defining the term "farm implement."

39:3-24.3: Reduction in speed relative to approaching slow moving vehicle; violations, fine.

39:3-24.4: Rules, regulations relative to self-propelled sprayers.

39:3-24.5: Rules, regulations relative to self-propelled sprayers.

39:3-25: "Farmer" license plate, issuance, fee, expiration.

39:3-26: Traction or tractor well-drill machines or well-drilling equipment; trucks with powered feed impregnating machines; fee

39:3-26.1: Self-propelled unregistered vehicle used solely on private property; highway crossing permit

39:3-26.2: Application; issuance; contents

39:3-26.3: Unauthorized use of highway by unregistered vehicles; penalty

39:3-26.4: Fees

39:3-26.5: Death, bodily injury or property damage involving vehicle on public highway; application of Motor Vehicle Security-Responsibility Law

39:3-27: Registration fee not charged for certain vehicles

39:3-27.1: Free registration of vehicles owned by resident blind or disabled veterans or holder of Medal of Honor

39:3-27.2: Special registration for passenger automobiles used in connection with convention, pageant or parade

39:3-27.3: Definitions

39:3-27.4: Historic motor vehicles; registration, license plates, display

39:3-27.5: Amateur radio call letter registration plates.

39:3-27.6: Application; form, fee.

39:3-27.7: Revocation or expiration; notification of director

39:3-27.8: Special license plate; fire department, first aid or rescue squad; member, spouse, parent or business firm

39:3-27.9: Issuance; proof of membership; fees

39:3-27.10: Termination of association; return of special plate

39:3-27.11: Unauthorized uses

39:3-27.12: Violations; fine

39:3-27.13: National Guard registration plates

39:3-27.14: Interdepartmental rules, regulations

39:3-27.15: "Disabled veteran" license plate

39:3-27.16: Issuance; fee

39:3-27.17: Unauthorized use; prohibition

39:3-27.18: Violations; fine

39:3-27.19: Commuter vans, issuance of registration, plates

39:3-27.20: Termination of use; surrender of special plate

39:3-27.21: Unauthorized use of special plate

39:3-27.22: Violations; fine

39:3-27.23: Rules and regulations

39:3-27.24: Special "P.O.W." plates; plates to surviving spouse

39:3-27.25: Rules, regulations

39:3-27.27: Street rod license plates; fees; display of National Street Rod Association safety inspection sticker; violations; fine

39:3-27.28: Disposition of fees

39:3-27.29: Issuance of special registration plates for vehicles owned or leased by certain county officials

39:3-27.30: Proof of ownership, rental required for issuance of special motor vehicle registration plates; fee

39:3-27.31: Surrender of special registration plates after leaving office

39:3-27.32: Disposition of fees

39:3-27.33: Members of military reserve unit; special license plates

39:3-27.34: Rules and regulations

39:3-27.35: Organization vehicle registration plates

39:3-27.36: Conditions for issuance

39:3-27.37: Director as final authority

39:3-27.38: Suspension of approval

39:3-27.39: Rules, regulations

39:3-27.40: Other laws unaffected

39:3-27.41: Special purple heart veteran plates; plates to surviving spouse

39:3-27.42: Special registration plates for mayor, chief executive of municipality, fee, violation, penalty, rules, regulations

39:3-27.43: Purple heart emblem may be affixed to license plates

39:3-27.44: Rules, regulations

39:3-27.45: Special license plates, insignia for Silver Star medal holders

39:3-27.46: "Combat Infantryman Badge" plates

39:3-27.47: Definitions

39:3-27.48: Issuance of coastal protection license plates

39:3-27.49: Application, fee

39:3-27.50: "Coastal Protection Trust Fund;" special emergency account created

39:3-27.51: Reimbursement to division prior to deposit of license plate fees

39:3-27.52: Recommendation for appropriation; distribution

39:3-27.53: Notification to eligible motorists

39:3-27.54: Interagency memorandum of agreement

39:3-27.55: Issuance of animal welfare license plates

39:3-27.56: Use of fees

39:3-27.57: Notification of eligible motorists

39:3-27.58: Interagency memorandum of agreement

39:3-27.59: Issuance of EMT-A special license plates

39:3-27.60: Use of fees collected

39:3-27.61: Definitions

39:3-27.62: Issuance of United States Olympic license plates

39:3-27.63: Application; fee

39:3-27.64: "Garden State Games Trust Fund" created

39:3-27.65: Allocation of funds

39:3-27.66: Notification of eligible motorists

39:3-27.67: Issuance of Battleship U.S.S. New Jersey license plates.

39:3-27.68: Application procedure, fees

39:3-27.69: "Battleship New Jersey Memorial Fund."

39:3-27.70: Use of license plate fees

39:3-27.71: Notification to motorists.

39:3-27.72: Definitions relative to issuance of historic preservation license plates

39:3-27.73: Issuance of historic preservation license plates

39:3-27.74: Application for historic preservation license plate

39:3-27.75: "Historic Preservation License Plate Fund" created.

39:3-27.76: Use of funds to reimburse division

39:3-27.77: Notification of eligible motorists.

39:3-27.78: Procedures set forth in interagency memorandum of agreement.

39:3-27.79: Issuance of shade tree, community forest preservation license plates.

39:3-27.80: Application, fee for shade tree, community forest preservation license plate

39:3-27.81: Creation of "Shade Tree and Community Forest Preservation License Plate Fund"

39:3-27.82: Reimbursement to Division of Motor Vehicles

39:3-27.83: Notification of availability of shade tree, community forest preservation plates

39:3-27.84: Interagency memorandum of agreement

39:3-27.85: Pinelands preservation license plates; fees

39:3-27.86: Issuance of Barnegat Bay Decoy, Baymen's Museum license plates

39:3-27.87: Application for license plate; fee

39:3-27.88: Reimbursement to division

39:3-27.89: Notification to motorists

39:3-27.90: Issuance of "Conquer Cancer" license plates; fees; distribution.

39:3-27.91: Definitions relative to Liberty State park license plates

39:3-27.92: Liberty State Park license plates, issuance

39:3-27.93: Application, annual fee

39:3-27.94: Liberty State Park License Plate Fund

39:3-27.95: Reimbursement to division; average cost per license plate

39:3-27.96: Notices to eligible motorists

39:3-27.97: Interagency memorandum of agreement

39:3-27.98: Submarine veterans emblem authorized.

39:3-27.99: Rules, regulations relative to submarine veterans emblems.

39:3-27.100: Issuance of Meadowlands conservation license plates.

39:3-27.101: Application for Meadowlands conservation license plate; fee; registration, fee.

39:3-27.102: Fees deposted into Meadowlands Conservation Trust Fund.

39:3-27.103: Reimbursement to Division of Motor Vehicles.

39:3-27.104: Notification of availability of Meadowlands conservation license plates.

39:3-27.105: Interagency memorandum of agreement.

39:3-27.106: Issuance of "Navy Cross" license plates.

39:3-27.107: Deborah Heart and Lung Center license plates.

39:3-27.108: Application, renewal; fee.

39:3-27.109: "Deborah Hospital Foundation Fund."

39:3-27.110: Contribution to offset initial costs.

39:3-27.111: Reimbursement for costs incurred.

39:3-27.112: Notification to eligible motorists.

39:3-27.113: Memorandum of agreement.

39:3-27.114: Special license plates for former municipal mayor

39:3-27.115: Special license plates for former legislator

39:3-27.116: Issuance of "Promote Agriculture" license plates

39:3-27.117: Additional fee

39:3-27.118: Contribution from New Jersey Farm Bureau

39:3-27.119: Use of additional fees

39:3-27.120: Annual certification of cost per license plate; fee increase, method

39:3-27.121: Notification of eligible motorists

39:3-27.122: Memorandum of agreement by DMV and Farm Bureau

39:3-27.123: Law enforcement officer memorial license plates; "Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Fund"

39:3-27.124: Contributions to offset initial costs for law enforcement officer memorial license plates

39:3-27.125: Use of appropriated funds

39:3-27.126: Memorandum of agreement

39:3-27.127: Issuance of "Be An Organ Donor" license plates; application; fees.

39:3-27.128: Contribution from New Jersey Transplant Association.

39:3-27.129: Notification of availability to motorists.

39:3-27.130: Annual certification of cost per license plate.

39:3-27.131: "Fund" defined

39:3-27.132: Issuance of United We Stand license plates

39:3-27.133: Application for issuance of license plate, fee

39:3-27.134: "Rewards for Justice License Plate Fund."

39:3-27.135: Contribution to offset initial costs

39:3-27.136: Reimbursement to Rewards for Justice Fund, DMV

39:3-27.137: Notification to eligible motorists

39:3-27.138: Memorandum of agreement

39:3-27.139: Rules, regulations

39:3-27.140: Professional sports team specialty license plates.

39:3-27.141: Issuance of Gold Star Family License Plates.

39:3-27.142: Application procedure, documentation.

39:3-27.143: Rules, regulations.

39:3-27.144: Omega Psi Phi license plates.

39:3-27.145: Cost of producing, issuing, publicizing Omega Psi Phi license plates.

39:3-27.146: Issuance of Alpha Kappa Alpha license plates; "Alpha Kappa Alpha License Plate Fund."

39:3-27.147: Funds used.

39:3-27.148: Military Veteran motorcycle license plates.

39:3-27.149: Contribution of non-public funds, conditions for issuance.

39:3-17.150: "Equality" license plates.

39:3-27.150: "Equality" license plates.

39:3-27.151: Requirements for issuance of "Equality" license plates.

39:3-27.152: Issuance of Delta Sigma Theta license plates.

39:3-27.153: Funds for production of Delta Sigma Theta license plates.

39:3-27.154: Humane State license plates.

39:3-27.155: Funds for initial issuance of Humane State license plates.

39:3-27.156: "Breast Cancer Awareness" license plates.

39:3-27.157: Funding for "Breast Cancer Awareness" license plates.

39:3-27.158: "SUPPORT RECOVERY" license plates.

39:3-27.159: Funding for "SUPPORT RECOVERY" license plates.

39:3-28: Licenses and registrations indexed; certified copies of applications as evidence; fees; destruction of applications and copies

39:3-29: License, registration certificate and insurance identification card; possession; exhibit upon request; violations; fine; defense; certain fines to Omn

39:3-29.1: Insurance identification cards; rules, regulations.

39:3-29.1a: Provision of proof of insurance; impoundment of vehicle.

39:3-29.2: Short title

39:3-29.3: Identification cards, issuance; contents.

39:3-29.4: Identification card to bear color picture.

39:3-29.5: Expiration of card; renewal cards for blind, handicapped valid for life, authorized presence in U.S. required for renewal.

39:3-29.6: Duplicate card

39:3-29.7: Fees.

39:3-29.7a: Waiver of fee for duplicate identification card, digitized picture fee for organ, tissue donors.

39:3-29.8: Prohibited acts

39:3-29.9: Rules and regulations

39:3-29.10: Violation of provisions

39:3-30: Registration void upon transfer of ownership, destruction of vehicle

39:3-30.1: Registration in names of husband and wife; title; presumption; procedure upon death

39:3-30.1a: Affidavit that registrants husband and wife

39:3-30.2: Rights of creditors; construction against waiver of inheritance tax requirements

39:3-30.3: Operation of motor vehicles registered in name of decedent

39:3-31: Duplicate certificates; licenses; new pictures; fees.

39:3-31.1: Duplicate family registration; fee.

39:3-32: Replacement of lost, destroyed or defaced license plates; reissuance of surrendered plates; fees

39:3-33: Markers; requirements concerning; display of fictitious or wrong numbers, etc.; punishment

39:3-33a: Additional charge for personalized, courtesy, special license plates.

39:3-33b: Subsequent personalized, courtesy, special license plates permitted.

39:3-33c: Merchandise intended to conceal, degrade license plate legibility prohibited; fine.

39:3-33.1: Veterans buying motor vehicles from United States; temporary identification markers

39:3-33.2: License plates; words "Garden State" to be imprinted

39:3-33.3: Special identifying marks; issuance of plates

39:3-33.4: Fees for courtesy and personalized plates

39:3-33.5: Restrictions upon issuance of certain license plates.

39:3-33.5a: Restrictions upon issuance of courtesy mark.

39:3-33.6: Disposition of funds

39:3-33.7: Rules and regulations

39:3-33.8: Effective date

39:3-33.9: Issuance of reflectorized motor vehicle registration plates.

39:3-33.10: Issuance of wildlife conservation license plates; establishment of "Wildlife Conservation Fund"

39:3-33.11: Annual renewal fee; use

39:3-34: Application for certificate or license during suspension, etc. prohibited

39:3-35: Lending or using registration certificate or plates on other vehicle prohibited; fine

39:3-36: Notification of change of residence; fees, penalties; public awareness campaign.

39:3-37: Falsifying application, examination; punishment, revocation of registration, license

39:3-37.1: Unlawful loan of license, vehicle; penalty.

39:3-38: Counterfeiting or using other markers; placement of forged or counterfeit plate on motor vehicle; revocation of license; fine

39:3-40: Penalties for driving while license suspended, etc.

39:3-40.1: Revocation of registration certificate, plates.

39:3-40.2: Issuance of temporary registration certificate, plates

39:3-40.3: Impoundment of motor vehicles

39:3-40.4: Sale, transfer of motor vehicle subject to registration restrictions

39:3-40.5: Rules, regulations

39:3-40.6: Proof of valid motor vehicle insurance before release of impounded vehicle.

39:3-41: Driver's manual made available; contents.

39:3-41.1: Distribution of existing manual prior to reprint for equestrian information.

39:3-42: Compliance with chapter sufficient

39:3-43: Powers of commission.

39:3-44: Scope and effect

39:3-45: Certain vehicles excepted

39:3-46: Definitions relative to illuminating devices.

39:3-47: Illuminating devices required; violations, fines.

39:3-48: Visibility

39:3-49: Headlamps

39:3-50: Color of lights, permits; cancellation or revocation of permits; fee.

39:3-51: Auxiliary driving lamps

39:3-52: Additional lighting equipment

39:3-53: Spot lamps

39:3-54: Warning lights on vehicles

39:3-54.7: Mounting and operation of emergency warning lights.

39:3-54.8: Time of operation

39:3-54.9: Specifications.

39:3-54.10: Placement of motor vehicle, types of lights.

39:3-54.11: Identification cards; issuance.

39:3-54.12: Rights of motor vehicle with emergency lights in operation.

39:3-54.13: Violation of act; penalty.

39:3-54.14: Special identification lights; vehicles of licensed private detective businesses; permits; penalty for violation

39:3-54.15: Warning lights, sirens on vehicle of volunteer fire, first aid or rescue squad chiefs or officers.

39:3-54.16: Placement of lights

39:3-54.17: Siren mounting, operation

39:3-54.18: Identification cards

39:3-54.19: Subject to traffic laws; right-of-way or sirens; yielding right of way

39:3-54.20: Penalty for violation

39:3-54.21: Rural letter carriers permitted to use amber warning light on motor vehicle; rules, regulations

39:3-54.22: Application, approval for permit to display emergency light by county volunteer Office of Emergency Management member.

39:3-54.23: Application, approval for permit to display emergency light by municipal volunteer Office of Emergency Management member.

39:3-54.24: Employee of public utility, use of amber light on motor vehicle permitted; fee.

39:3-54.25: Use of public utility company logo by employee on motor vehicle.

39:3-54.26: Improper use of amber light, logo; penalty.

39:3-54.27: Flashing amber warning lights, display on sanitation vehicles; authorized.

39:3-55: Alternate road lighting equipment

39:3-56: Number of driving lamps required or permitted

39:3-57: Single-beam road lighting

39:3-58: Multiple-beam road lighting

39:3-59: Beam indicator lights

39:3-60: Use of multiple-beam road lighting equipment

39:3-61: Lamps and reflectors required on particular vehicles

39:3-61.1: Mounting of lamps and reflectors

39:3-61.2: Combination of lighting devices and reflectors; prohibited combinations

39:3-61.3: Stop lamps; construction, placement and use

39:3-61.4: Overhang loads; placement and use of red lamps and flags

39:3-62: Lamps on parked vehicles

39:3-63: Regulations governing lamps, turn signals and reflectors; promulgation by commissioner

39:3-64: Vehicular traffic hazard warning signals

39:3-64.1: Itinerant vendors' vehicle

39:3-64.2: Signaling system; flashing simultaneously

39:3-64.3: Signals to flash simultaneously when stopped for purpose of transacting business

39:3-64.4: Rules and regulations

39:3-65: Lamps on other vehicles and equipment

39:3-66: Maintenance of lamps, reflectors, etc.

39:3-66.2: Punishment for violation

39:3-66.3: Stoplights required on particular motor vehicles.

39:3-67: Brake equipment required

39:3-68: Brake performance

39:3-68.1: Definitions

39:3-68.2: Emergency stopping system

39:3-69: Horns and audible warning devices.

39:3-70: Mufflers.

39:3-70.1: Air pollution control; tests

39:3-70.2: Air pollution; penalty.

39:3-71: Mirrors

39:3-71.1: Electronic rear back-up monitoring device, crossview mirror required on certain commercial delivery vehicles.

39:3-72: Tire equipment

39:3-73: Tire-chains

39:3-74: Windshields must be unobstructed and equipped with cleaners

39:3-75: Safety glass

39:3-75.1: Certain tinting materials on windshields, windows of motor vehicles, permitted for medical reasons

39:3-75.2: Rules, regulations

39:3-75.3: Violations, fines

39:3-76: Dangerous exhaust gases

39:3-76.1: Use of sign "Press" on motor vehicle

39:3-76.2: Safety belts or restraining devices

39:3-76.2a: Child passenger restraint system; booster seat, use; failure to use not contributory negligence; inadmissibility in evidence.

39:3-76.2c: Informational material

39:3-76.2d: Fines; suspension of fine

39:3-76.2e: Short title.

39:3-76.2f: Seat belt usage requirements; driver's responsibility.

39:3-76.2g: Exceptions to seat belt usage requirements.

39:3-76.2h: Personal injury or death actions; effect of act

39:3-76.2j: Violations, fines.

39:3-76.2k: Informational booklet; availability to public

39:3-76.2l: Use of securement devices required.

39:3-76.2m: Violations, penalties.

39:3-76.2n: Violations considered secondary offense.

39:3-76.2o: Findings, declarations relative to unattended children in motor vehicles.

39:3-76.2p: Public awareness campaign.

39:3-76.3: Motorcycles; height of handle bar grips

39:3-76.3a: Motorcycles, conformance to federal standards, NHTSA certification.

39:3-76.4: Muffler systems for motorcycles

39:3-76.5: Permanent seat; passengers; seat, hand holds and footrests; helmets; method of riding; violations; penalties

39:3-76.6: Rules and regulations; motorcycle equipment

39:3-76.7: Protective helmets

39:3-76.8: Goggles or face shield to be worn by motorcycle operator

39:3-76.9: Wind screen; goggles or face shield not necessary

39:3-76.10: Sale of helmets, goggles or face shields; type and specifications approved by director

39:3-76.11: Certain motorcycles prohibited on certain roads.

39:3-77: Selling or using unapproved devices or equipment

39:3-77.1: Use of national school bus chrome paint on motor vehicles

39:3-77.2: Motor vehicles to which persons admitted to purchase merchandise or view exhibit; exit door

39:3-78: Construction of article

39:3-79: Fine for violating article

39:3-79.1: Devices to prevent throwing of dirt on windshields of following vehicles

39:3-79.2: Violations

39:3-79.3: Effective date

39:3-79.4: Motor vehicle powered by compressed or liquified gaseous fuel; identification with diamond shaped label; fee

39:3-79.5: Diamond shaped label; requirements; rules and regulations on placement and appearance

39:3-79.6: Inspection for compliance with provisions of act

39:3-79.7: Failure to comply; penalties

39:3-79.8: Prohibition of supplying fuel to vehicle without label; violations; penalty

39:3-79.9: Publicity of provisions of act

39:3-79.10: Definitions relative to intermodal chassis.

39:3-79.11: Systematic maintenance check program required; violations, penalties.

39:3-79.12: Establishment, implementation of systematic maintenance check program.

39:3-79.13: Identification of out-of-service intermodal chassis.

39:3-79.14: Additional events causing immediate inspection.

39:3-79.15: Qualifications of inspectors.

39:3-79.16: Request for repair, replacement prior to completion of interchange; violations, penalties.

39:3-79.17: Records maintained for three years, format.

39:3-79.18: Registration for intermodal equipment provider required.

39:3-79.19: Contents of summons, complaint, violation report.

39:3-79.20: Interference with act deemed violation; penalties.

39:3-79.21: Rules, regulations.

39:3-79.22: Additional fines to the fund for operation without certificate required by R.S.48:4-3 for omnibus.

39:3-79.23: "Omnibus Safety Enforcement Fund" in Department of the Treasury; use.

39:3-79.24: "Omnibus Safety Enforcement Fund account within New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

39:3-80: Rubber tires or tires of approved material required; penalties

39:3-81: Sale, possession or use of tires of type approved by director; regulations; penalties

39:3-82: Tires on commercial vehicles, tractors and motor-drawn vehicles; distribution of load; fine for violation of section

39:3-84: Vehicles, dimensional, weight limitations; routes, certain; prohibited.

39:3-84.1: Application of weight limitations

39:3-84.2: Repeal

39:3-84.3: Measurement, weighing to determine compliance; fines for operating on prohibited routes.

39:3-84.4: Damage to highways or structures by overweight vehicles; liability

39:3-84.5: Partial invalidity

39:3-84.6: Definitions relative to tow trucks.

39:3-84.7: Issuance of distinctive markers, license plates for tow trucks; fee.

39:3-84.8: Information contained in application for tow truck registration.

39:3-84.10: Suspension, revocation, refusal to renew registration.

39:3-84.11: Display of valid license plates, markers on tow truck.

39:3-84.12: Authority of political subdivision.

39:3-84.13: Violations, fine.

39:3-84.14: Rules, regulations.

39:3-85.1: Stolen motor vehicles or registration plates; notification of police

39:3-85.2: Reports to State Police, commission.

39:3-85.3: Record of stolen motor vehicles, registration plates.

39:3-85.4: Partial invalidity

39:3-85.5: Informed consent agreement; decal

39:3-85.6: Authorization to stop motor vehicle

39:3-85.7: Content of informed consent agreement

39:3-85.8: Recording of participants in program

39:3-85.9: Fees for consent forms and decals

39:3-85.10: Rules, regulations

39:3-86: Penalty when no specific penalty provided.

39:3-87: Expenditure of receipts, apportionment