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Chapter: 3 - Title amended; "act" defined.

49:3-89: Aggregator contracts; bundling restriction; tax treatment

49:3-47: Title amended; "act" defined.

49:3-49: Definitions relative to Uniform Securities Law.

49:3-50: Exemptions of certain securities.

49:3-51: Applicability of act.

49:3-52: Unlawful activities

49:3-52.1: Prohibitions relative to securities.

49:3-52.2: Sales of securities, misleading use of senior-specific certifications.

49:3-53: Prohibited practices relative to investment adviser.

49:3-54: False, misleading statements.

49:3-55: Determination of validity of filed document.

49:3-56: Registration required.

49:3-57: Obtaining initial, renewal registration.

49:3-58: Denial, suspension, revocation of registration.

49:3-59: Maintenance of records, examination.

49:3-60: Offer or sale of securities, lawful; conditions.

49:3-60.1: Documents required to be filed.

49:3-61: Registration of security by qualification.

49:3-61.1: Coordination with federal registration.

49:3-61.2: Registration by notification.

49:3-62: Filing of registration statement, fee.

49:3-63: Filing of materials distributed to prospective investors.

49:3-64: Issuance of stop order.

49:3-65: Handling of filed documents.

49:3-66: Administration of act.

49:3-66.1: Continuation of "Securities Enforcement Fund," fees, annual accounting of transactions.

49:3-67: Rules, forms, orders from bureau chief.

49:3-68: Powers of bureau chief.

49:3-68.1: Restraints ordered by bureau chief.

49:3-69: Enforcement actions by bureau chief.

49:3-70: Violations, penalties.

49:3-70.1: Violations, civil penalties.

49:3-71: Action for deceit; liability.

49:3-72: Nonapplicability of act.

49:3-73: Consent to bureau chief as attorney for service of process.

49:3-75: Construction of act.

49:3-76: Severability of provisions

49:3-77: Information provided to prospective investors.

49:3-78: Agreements relative to exempted transaction.

49:3-79: Promulgation of legend, investor certification.

49:3-80: Requirements for Internet site.

49:3-81: Quarterly report to investors.

49:3-82: Criteria for disqualifying issuers from claiming exemption.

49:3-83: Regulations.

49:3-84: Short title.

49:3-85: Definitions relative to financial exploitation of vulnerable adults.

49:3-86: Notification to bureau, county adult protective services provider.

49:3-87: Notification of certain third party.

49:3-88: Delay of transaction, disbursement.