The Grants, Concessions and Original Constitutions of the Province of New Jersey, the Acts passed during the Proprietary Governments, and other material Transactions before the Surrender thereof to Queen Anne. The Instrument of Surrender, and her formal Acceptance thereof; Lord Cornbury's Commission and Instructions Consequent thereon / by Aaron Leaming and Jacob Spicer

About This Book: This compilation, often referred to briefly either as "Leaming and Spicer" or as the "Grants and Concessions," was first published in 1758. It contains both constitutional documents and legislation from the period 1664 to 1702. A detailed account of its compilation and printing is found in New Jersey Books 1698-1800: The Joseph J. Felcone Collection (1992) pages 143-152. The work was reprinted in 1881, and that reprint was reprinted in 2002 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd, who have kindly donated the PDF copy presented here.


Title pages and preface

  • Title page & verso of Lawbook Exchange, Ltd reprint (2002), PDF
  • Title page & Note to Second Edition (1881), PDF
  • Preface, PDF

Grants, Concessions, &c., in Carteret's Time, Between 1664, and 1682

[half-title page], PDF
  • p.3, Patent of King Charles to the Duke of York. March 12, 16 Charles II [1675]. PDF
  • p.8, The Duke of York's release to John Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret, 24th of June, 1664. PDF
  • p.12, The Concession and Agreement of the Lords Proprietors of the Province of New Caesarea, or New Jersey, to and with all and every the Adventurers and all such as shall settle or plant there.[Feb.10,1664], PDF
  • p.26, Commission to Governor Carteret [Feb.10, 1664] PDF
  • p.28, Instructions to Governor Carteret and Council [Feb.10,1664], PDF
  • p.31, Copy of His Royal Highness the Duke of York's Letter to Colonel Lovelace [Nov.25,1672], PDF
  • p.32, The Lords Proprietors Declaration of the true Intent and Meaning of their Concessions [Dec.6,1672], PDF
  • p.35, The Lords Proprietors Declaration to the Inhabitants of this Province [Dec.6,1672], PDF
  • p.37, Directions for the Governor and Council [Dec.7,1672], PDF
  • p.38, Copy of his Majesty's Letter, to Capt. John Berry, Deputy Governor and his Council [Dec.9, 1672]. PDF
  • p.39, Copy of the Lords Proprietors Letter to the Deputy Governor and Council, Dec.10,1672, PDF
  • p.40, A letter from the Lords Proprietors to the pretended Representatives of Elizabeth-Town, Newark, and New Piscataway [Dec.11,1672], PDF
  • p.41, Second Grant to the Duke of York [June 29, 1674], PDF
  • p.46, Grant to Sir George Carteret, July 29, 1674, PDF
  • p.49, The King's letter owning Carteret's Title and Power of Government, [June 13, 1674], PDF
  • p.50, Directions, Instructions, and Orders (Sir George Carteret to the Planters), PDF
  • p.55, A declaration of the true intent and meaning of the Lord Proprietor ..., PDF
  • p.58, Commission to P. Carteret, [July 31, 1674], PDF
  • p.61, Quintipartite Deed, July 1, 1676, PDF
  • p.73, Notes, PDF


[half-title page], PDF
  • p.77, Acts of May 30, 1668, PDF
  • p.85, Acts of General Assembly begun Nov.3, 1668, PDF
  • p.91, Oaths of Fidelity [1675], PDF
  • p.93, Acts of General Assembly begun Nov.5, 1675, PDF
  • p.112, Acts of April 6, 1676, PDF
  • p.119, Acts of Oct.5-8, 1676, PDF
  • p.123, Acts of Oct.10-19, 1677,PDF
  • p.128, Acts of Oct.21-29, 1678, PDF
  • p.131, Acts of Apr.3, 1679,PDF
  • p.132, Acts of May 8, 1679, PDF
  • p.133, Acts of May 29, 1679, PDF
  • p.135, Acts of Nov.1, 1679, PDF
  • p.137, Acts of July 23, 1681, PDF

[East Jersey] Duke's Release to the Twenty-four Proprietors. Constitutions, Instructions, &c. Between 1682 and 1702

[half-title page], PDF
  • p.141, Duke of York's Release, March 14, 1682, PDF
  • p.151, The King's Letter recognizing the Proprietors right to the soil and government, [Nov.23,1683], PDF
  • p.153, The Fundamental Constitutions for the Province of East New Jersey, 1683, PDF
  • p.167, The Letter to the Planters, PDF
  • p.168, Gawen Lawries Commission, [Sept.7,1683], PDF
  • p.171, Instructions to Governor Lawrie,[July 25,1683], PDF
  • p.179, Proviso and addition to the Fundamental Constitutions,Dec.10 & 20, 1683], PDF
  • p.181, Instructions to Governor Lawrie, [Jan.2,1683-4], PDF
  • p.186, Agreement of Proprietors about taking up Land, [Feb.20 & 29,1683-4], PDF
  • p.188, Letter to the Planters, [Feb.29,1683-4], PDF
  • p.190, Instructions concerning setting out lands, [May 3,1684], PDF
  • p.195, Instructions to the Deputy Governor, [Aug.1,1684], PDF
  • p.198, Instructions for taking up Land, [Nov.13,1684], PDF
  • p.204, Recital of Writings. [May 11,1685], PDF
  • p.207, Instructions Concerning Land, [July 3,1685], PDF
  • p.214, Power to Receive Quit-Rents, Dec.1,1697, PDF
  • p.220, Instructions to Governor Basse, April 14,1698, PDF

[East Jersey] Laws passed under the Government of the Twenty Four Proprietors, between 1682, and 1702

[half-title page], PDF
  • p.227, Acts of March 1682, PDF
  • p.252, Acts of May 1682, PDF
  • p.256, Acts of Nov.-Dec., 1682, PDF
  • p.279, Allowance of the foregoing Acts, [Mar.1,1683], PDF
  • p.281, Another allowance of the said Acts with further exceptions, [Nov.15,1684], PDF
  • p.283, Acts of April 1686, PDF
  • p.295, Acts of Oct. 1686, PDF
  • p.303, Acts of May 1688, PDF
  • p.312, Acts of Sept.-Oct.1692, PDF
  • p.326, Acts of Oct.-Nov.1693, PDF
  • p.339, Acts of Oct.1694, PDF
  • p.352, Acts of July-Aug., 7 Wm.III, 1695, PDF
  • p.355, Acts of Feb.-Mar., 8 Wm.III, 1695 [should be 1696], PDF
  • p.362, Acts of Feb.-Mar., 10 Wm.III, 1698, PDF

West Jersey Concessions and Agreements

  • p.382, The Concessions and Agreements of the Proprietors, Freeholders and Inhabitants of the Province of West New Jersey, in America, [Mar.3,1676], PDF
  • p.412, Duke of York's Second Grant, Aug.6, 1680, PDF

Acts and Proceedings of the Legislature of West-Jersey, Between the 25th of November, 1681, and the 21st of May, 1701

[half-title page], PDF
  • p.423, [Fundamentals], Province of West New Jersey, Nov.25, 1681, PDF
  • p.426, Acts of Nov. 1681 [Assented to Jan.1681-2] PDF
  • p.437, The Methods of the Commissioners for settling and regulation of Lands, Feb. 1681[-2], PDF
  • p.442, Acts of May 1682, PDF
  • p.452, Acts of Sept. 1682, PDF
  • p.456, Acts of third Month [May] 1683, PDF
  • p.474, Acts of 7th Month [Sept.] 1683, PDF
  • p.482, Acts of ninth Month [Nov.] 1683, PDF
  • p.485, Acts of March-April 1684, PDF
  • p.489, Acts of May 1684, PDF
  • p.497, Proceedings of General Assembly, 3d Day of 9th Month [Nov.], 1684, PDF
  • p.498, Acts of May 1685, PDF
  • p.502, Acts of 9th Month [Nov.] 1685, PDF
  • p.507, Acts of Nov. [1692], PDF
  • p.514, Acts of Oct. 1693, PDF
  • p.527, Acts of May 1694, PDF
  • p.535, Acts of May 1695, PDF
  • p.544, Acts of May 1696, PDF
  • p.552, Acts of May 1697, PDF
  • p.557, Acts of Nov. 1697, PDF
  • p.563, Acts of Dec.1699 to Jan.1st, PDF
  • p.569, Acts of May 1700, PDF
  • p.578, Acts of May 1701, PDF

Proprietors Memorials, Surrender, Lord Cornbury's Instructions, Etc.

  • p.588, Proprietors Memorial to Lords of Trade, [1699] PDF
  • p.591, Proprietors Petition, PDF
  • p.594, Lords Commissioners Answer, PDF
  • p.597, Proprietors Memorial [Jan.15th, 1699/1700], PDF
  • p.599, Proprietors Memorial [Aug.12, 1701], PDF
  • p.603, Representation from Board of Trade [Oct.2,1701], PDF
  • p.609, Surrender of the Proprietors [Apr.15,1702], PDF
  • p.617, Queen's Acceptance of the Surrender of Government, Apr.17,1702, PDF
  • p.619, Instructions for Lord Cornbury, Nov.16,1702, PDF
  • p.647, Lord Cornbury's Commission [Dec.15,1702], PDF
  • p.657, [West Jersey] Proprietors Memorial, PDF
  • p.661, Monmouth Patent [Apr.8,1665], &c., PDF
  • p.665, Governor Nicholls Commission [Apr.2,1664], PDF
  • p.667, Governor Nicholls Proclamation [1664], PDF
  • p.668, Associators Petition [Sept.26,1664], PDF
  • p.669, Indian Deed, Oct.28, 16 Charles II [1675], PDF
  • p.671, Governor Nicholls Grant, Dec.1, 16 Charles II [1675], PDF
  • p.673, Letters &c., [1679-1681], PDF
  • p.688, Petition to the King [of Freeholders of Elizabeth Town], PDF


  • p.693, Index for New Jersey, PDF
  • p.711, Index for East Jersey, PDF
  • p.741, Index for West Jersey, PDF