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Title: 18A - EDUCATION


Chapter: 1
Chapter: 2 Power to effectuate action
Chapter: 3 Annual report of sources of financial assistance
Chapter: 3A
Chapter: 3B
Chapter: 3C
Chapter: 4 State department of education continued; composition
Chapter: 4A Findings, declarations
Chapter: 6 Corporal punishment of pupils
Chapter: 7 Appointment; qualifications; term of executive county superintendent.
Chapter: 7A
Chapter: 7B
Chapter: 7C Commissioner of education to develop a program of standards and guidelines
Chapter: 7D New budget increase for supplemental State aid
Chapter: 7E Findings, declarations on school report card programs
Chapter: 7F Findings, declarations relative to core curriculum content standards and cross-content workplace readiness standards.
Chapter: 7G
Chapter: 8 Municipalities as separate school districts; exceptions
Chapter: 9 Classification of school districts
Chapter: 10 Conduct of districts
Chapter: 11 General mandatory powers and duties
Chapter: 12 Qualifications.
Chapter: 13 Application of chapter; government of regional districts
Chapter: 15 President and vice president; election or failure to elect
Chapter: 16 Officers and employees in general
Chapter: 17 Removal, etc., of secretaries, assistant secretaries, school business administrators and business managers during terms of office
Chapter: 17A Districts in cities of first class over 325,000; unit control organizational structure; executive superintendent; appointment; term; compensation
Chapter: 18A
Chapter: 18B
Chapter: 19 Expenditures of funds on warrant only; requisites.
Chapter: 20 Title in board of education
Chapter: 21 Capital projects; description
Chapter: 22 Number of members; appointments; vacancies
Chapter: 23 Audit, when and how made.
Chapter: 24
Chapter: 25 Transfer of teaching staff members
Chapter: 26 Citizenship requirement for teachers, exceptions
Chapter: 27 Appointment of teaching staff members; vote required
Chapter: 28 Definition of "position"
Chapter: 29 Uncertified teacher denied salary
Chapter: 29A
Chapter: 29B
Chapter: 30 Definition of sick leave
Chapter: 31 Teachers' institutes and meetings, when held, etc.
Chapter: 32 Appropriation for establishment and maintenance
Chapter: 33 District to furnish suitable facilities; adoption of courses of study
Chapter: 34 Textbooks; selection; furnished free with supplies; appropriations
Chapter: 35 2-year course of study in history
Chapter: 36 School year
Chapter: 36A
Chapter: 36B
Chapter: 36C
Chapter: 37 Submission of pupils to authority
Chapter: 38 Attendance at school free of charge.
Chapter: 39 Transportation of pupils remote from school.
Chapter: 40 Employment of medical inspectors, optometrists and nurses; salaries; terms; rules
Chapter: 40A Instructional programs on drugs, alcohol, anabolic steroids, tobacco and controlled dangerous substances; curriculum guidelines
Chapter: 41 Fire, school security drills.
Chapter: 42 Safety patrol by pupils
Chapter: 43 Accident insurance for pupils authorized
Chapter: 43A Children's bureau
Chapter: 44 Establishment of preschool
Chapter: 45 Establishment of secondary schools and junior high schools
Chapter: 46
Chapter: 46A Legislative findings and determination
Chapter: 47 Establishment; purposes
Chapter: 48 Establishment; number and duration of sessions; state aid
Chapter: 49 Establishment; courses of study
Chapter: 50 Maintenance of program
Chapter: 50A Provision of State-issued high school diploma.
Chapter: 51 County educational audiovisual aids centers authorized
Chapter: 52 Furnishing by boards of education
Chapter: 53 Maintenance of museum facilities by boards of education
Chapter: 54
Chapter: 54A
Chapter: 54B Enrichment program defined
Chapter: 54C Counties of fifth class; marine academy of science and technology; establishment; purposes
Chapter: 54D
Chapter: 54E
Chapter: 54F Findings, declarations
Chapter: 54G
Chapter: 55 Appropriations as prerequisite to payments from treasury
Chapter: 56 "Trustees for support of public schools" ; how constituted
Chapter: 57 Payment of income for support of schools
Chapter: 58 School lunch program
Chapter: 59 Apportionment and distribution of federal funds; exceptions
Chapter: 60 Requirements for tenure.
Chapter: 61 Purpose; name; free tuition
Chapter: 61A Declaration of policy
Chapter: 61B Transfer of state school district for institutions from department of institutions and agencies to department of education
Chapter: 61C College-level instruction for high school students
Chapter: 61D Immunization record
Chapter: 61E
Chapter: 62 Public institutions of higher education
Chapter: 63 Establishment of summer school and extension courses; curricula
Chapter: 64 Decentralization of authority
Chapter: 64A County Colleges
Chapter: 64E New Jersey Institute of Technology Act of 1995
Chapter: 64G Board of trustees, membership, organization, committees.
Chapter: 64H Legislative findings and declarations
Chapter: 64I Land and buildings for use in perpetuity; subject to direction of board of trustees of Montclair State College
Chapter: 64J Hazardous, toxic substance management center
Chapter: 64K Northwest New Jersey Regional Women's Center
Chapter: 64L Coastal Protection Technical Assistance Service established
Chapter: 64M New Jersey Medical and Health Sciences Education Restructuring Act
Chapter: 64N Montclair State University Act
Chapter: 64O Kean University Act
Chapter: 65
Chapter: 65A
Chapter: 66
Chapter: 67 Title or name of educational institutions; exceptions
Chapter: 68 Right of colleges to give diplomas and confer degrees
Chapter: 71
Chapter: 71A
Chapter: 71B Eligible institution defined.
Chapter: 71C Administration by the authority.
Chapter: 72A Preamble, purpose of chapter
Chapter: 72B
Chapter: 72C Creation; location
Chapter: 72E Richard J. Hughes Chair for Constitutional and Public Law Service, creation
Chapter: 72F
Chapter: 72G Durant Chair
Chapter: 72H
Chapter: 72I Wallenberg professorship
Chapter: 72J
Chapter: 72K Chair in Women's Studies
Chapter: 72L Millicent Fenwick Research Professorship in Education and Public Issues
Chapter: 72M
Chapter: 72N Senator Wynona Lipman Chair in Women's Political Leadership.
Chapter: 72O Henry John Raimondo Chair in Urban Public Policy Research.
Chapter: 72P New Jersey Advisory Council on Youth and Collegiate Affairs.
Chapter: 73 State museum under control of New Jersey State Museum.
Chapter: 74
Chapter: 75 Compact; preamble
Chapter: 75A
Chapter: 76 Construction