Holmes v. Walton: Chronology

NOTE: For documents of uncertain date, not listed here, see the full list of case files.

1778 October 8 -- Seizure Act, providing for trial pursuant to Small Cause Act. (text)

1778 December 11 -- Seizure Act amendment providing for additional penalty. (text)

1779 April 29 -- Writs of Capias Corpus, for a debt of £20,000, issued for Walton against Holmes (text) and for Wikoff against Holmes and Ketcham (text).

1779 May 22 -- Seizure by Walton of goods in possession of Holmes and Ketcham.

1779 May 24 -- First trial results in judgment against Holmes and Walton, and condemnation of the seized goods.

1779 September 9 -- Certiorari filed at Supreme Court, and argument scheduled for November. Supreme Court promulgates rule for settling State of Facts in seizure cases. (text)

1779 November -- Reasons and Additional Reasons filed by Willcocks in Supreme Court.

1779 November 11 -- Supreme Court hears argument and enters curia advisare vult. (text)

1779 December 18 -- House of Assembly amends bill for seizure act supplement to preserve results of trials by jury of six. (text)

1779 December 22-24 -- Council rejects House amendment; conference committee reaches compromise language. (texts)

1779 December 24 -- Governor Livingston expresses concern about the case in letter to Nathaniel Scudder. (text)

1779 December 25 -- Seizure Act supplement allowing optional jury of twelve. (text)

1780 January(?) 3 -- Wikoff qui tam v. Holmes & Ketcham, plea for £20,000. (text)

1780 April 7 -- Supreme Court enters further curia advisare vult. (text)

1780 May 13 -- House of Assembly receives letter from Supreme Court Justices recommending allowance of new trials in seizure cases reversed on error. (text)

1780 June 17 -- Act allowing new trials in seizure cases reversed for any reason other than the merits. (text)

1780 July 25 -- Plea in Abatement by Walton, to quash Wikoff's plea. (text)

1780 September 7 -- Supreme Court reverses the May 24, 1779 judgment. (text)

1780 November 16 -- Supreme Court orders new trial. (text)

1780 December 8 -- Petition from inhabitants of Monmouth County protesting decision read in Assembly. (text)

1780 December 22 - Seizure Act revision requiring jury of twelve if requested. (text)

1781 April 11 -- Supreme Court show-cause order regarding setting aside order to pay costs before new trial. (text)

1781 April 25 -- Writ of Capias Corpus for debt of £29,428:13:4½, in Court of Common Pleas. (text in N.J.Archives | text in Monmouth County Archives)

1781 May 12 -- Writ of Certiorari issued by Supreme Court. (text)

1781 July 21 -- Court of Common Pleas order holding Holmes and Ketcham to common bail. (text)

1781 July [23] -- In new trial, with jury of twelve, verdict and judgment again go against Holmes and Ketcham. (text of return listing jurors and witnesses and certifying verdict and judgment | text of State of Facts sur Tryal)

1781 September 12-13 -- In certiorari on judgment of new trial, Holmes and Ketcham ordered to file reasons. (text)

1781 October -- Court of Common Pleas order to Walton to file declaration in suit of debt. (text)

1781 November 17 -- Supreme Court argument scheduled. (text)

1782 May 30 -- Affidavits of Bowne and Covenhoven on new trial.

1783 January 27 -- Additional evidence (on the July 1781 trial) taken before Commissioner John Craig. (text)

1783 January 29 -- Evidence of Andrew Bowne (on the July 1781 trial) taken before Commissioner Craig. (text)

1783 April 4 -- Supreme Court confirms the July 1781 judgment. (text)

1783 May 14 -- Habeas Corpus issued by Supreme Court (text)